Oldbie. :3

Heylow. :3

Kay,on to the basics.<3

+Name's..umm...whatever you'd like to call me. 8]
+I'm 15
+I love gay dudes. 83
+I love bi dudes too.<3
+I live in Gee-or-guh.B:
+I may be slow,but that doesn't mean I still can't kick your a** in a debate or something.Dx
+I'm short. <3 5'5"
+Love me. 83
+I like dudes.
+I'm not rich anymore,so don't PM me for donations. D8
+They call me emo.D8
Elmo's good twin.<3
+SeXaNdCanDy is gewd. 83
+I like Squirrels 8]
+I over use emotes. (ex. 83) heart
+I love anime.<3
+Music=most of my life if not all of it. heart
+I love my friends.D8 Mess with them and I will be forced to do some a** kicking.Ninja style,bish.
+I hate liars.D8
+I don't like n00bs. > x >
+People who complain about how bad they've got it or how sucky theirf life is annoy me. : x I don't wan't to hear it.You're not the only one with problems so suck it up or go away..or something.D8
+I'm nice.Really.Amazing I know. > . >
+Marketplace inflation should die. : x

Feel free to add me. 83
I get bored alot,so I'm always open for a chat.<333

I'll add more later.<3

Please feel free to comment my profile. 83


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Hold on,I have to think of a title!DD:

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Yah.This is where I put everything.D8



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Hey! Cool Profile!!!

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comment for juu! I luff your profile! heart
Couch Queen

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Couch Queen


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Yeah, one of my favourites, too.

TBS is great.
Couch Queen

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Couch Queen

Holy Fecking Cow!
::worhships your profile::
The Sora and Riku goodness.

And wee!!
I'm a person to be worshiped!
Nomi Chan

Report | 07/12/2006 1:55 am

Nomi Chan

the cards game has a error =0 x3
Nomi Chan

Report | 07/11/2006 5:33 pm

Nomi Chan

x3 from cards... the girl =0
Nomi Chan

Report | 07/11/2006 2:44 pm

Nomi Chan

it will be okey ill help you when i finished my quest -nods-

btw cards with jinX is fuuun! =0
Nomi Chan

Report | 07/11/2006 2:27 pm

Nomi Chan

its just so unfair x_x;;
Nomi Chan

Report | 07/11/2006 8:37 am

Nomi Chan

well if thei dont listen to pms then well have to make a topic i know god damn 27people on gaia who arehacked this week i think is NUTS!

and demon dont worry about the friends thing i had to add you 3 times before it accepted you x_x;;
and just stay alive you!


I got my account back!
PM me at [+demon~squirrel+]
right now. : x