thicc deck

先生、今日は訓練できますか? <3Sensei, kyō wa kunren dekimasu ka? < 3=Sensei, Can we train today? <3

先生、お風呂を準備してもいい?Sensei, o furo o junbi shite mo ī?=Sensei, May I get your bath ready?

先生、私の最初の穏やかな、〜ブラッシュ〜Sensei, watashi no saisho no odayakana,〜 burasshu 〜=Sensei, Be gentle its my first time, ~blushes~

先生?今日はどんなトレーニングをしていますか? <3Sensei? Kyō wa don'na torēningu o shite imasu ka? < 3=Sensei? What training are we doing today? <3

Dark Warrior,one of my first Knight, been by my side since 10,000 B.C Honest AND Loyalty

Soul Keeper,My second Knight,been by my side for 10,000 B.C Honest and Strength

My king of earth creatures,been with me over time and time again,he can make you disappear and no one will remember who you are, so don't get on his bad side.

I'm The Queen of the Underworld,I'm one with beauty and more, charm and sex appeal.cant Challenge me,haha i got Knights and my KIng by my side with my kids.

Dark Elf Mage,My third Knight been by my side for 10,000 B.C.Honest and Protection.

My Twin Brother Evil and he is a King of the Underworld,he is the one that keeps you there body and mind in the cell, were you Can't escape...