Hi I'm Demon of Remorse I'm one a quest,If anyone could help that's be awesome

My Quest

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Item List:
~Black Net Top *
~Chain Of Command ^w^
~CoCo Kitty Plushie TT.TT
~Dark Halo ^w^
~Demonbow ^w^
~Guitar of Demona TT.TT
~Roco Rochel Costume Earrings *
~Snowbored Pants Blue ^w^
~Steel-plated Ninja Band TT.TT
~Nightmare Collar TT.TT

Estimated Total: 580,993 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 22 September 2006)

^w^ = Have
TT.TT = Questing
* =have,but don' have on my avi


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Death Journal

I would like to write about anime and put pictures.I love anime.My Journal loves anime.



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awesome avatar
Ballroom Overload

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Ballroom Overload

Monni-san got a Gaia, it's ina-hime5907 add her please.

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hey!! i kinda remember you!! from when i used to go on. you bought art at my shop!! O_O!!!!!

dunno if you remember me or not. i last logged on last year in march. lol. alot has changed :S you mind explaining some of the new stuff and why everything is so expensive now?? I log onto my account n i have 0 gold and 0 items. I dunno what that's about.
Kiyori Mikura

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Kiyori Mikura

Log on to Kimori the soul taker ... sometime ... 'cause I sent you a PM!!

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I just realized something....your dream avatar....is a chick. So, going trany on me are we? Hehe just kidding.
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Lol, I would help you but, I haven't played in a while. I'll have to figure it out for you. And your welcome! ^^

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love the profile ^_^
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Ok, you are making no sense. -.-
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On what, Water Temple? XD
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What's the point of having so many characters, except using them to make money for you? -.-


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