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oWoIfie Report | 09/17/2011 11:10 pm
heyy, looks like someone finally made a right Sam cosplay.
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/21/2010 9:42 pm
Vampiress Kyo
Aww, thank you so much!
And on the Sammy subject, I know whats going on (or at least I think I do), I think I came across a spoiler about what is up with Sammy lately. But the spoiler kinda explains it, but then again it really doesnt make sence. If I didnt accidently spoil myself, I would say that Sam was either still Lucifer, Possesed, or just kinda crazy cuz he was in Hell. .... Or there are countless other things that could be going on with him. .... It seams like he is acting just like he did when he was hooked on Demon Blood, and that story has already been done, so its kinda rubbbing me the wrong way. That plot/story has already been played out, please do not re-use the same concept, its just poor writing.
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/21/2010 9:25 pm
Vampiress Kyo
Celebrated my birthday with my arents today. they both work Sunday, which is my actual birthday, so we celebrated early. We went to Golden Coral and then they gave me my present (the Beauty and the Beast DVD) Its my second fave movie of all time, I have already watched it twice today! xD
Have fun at the movies.
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/20/2010 10:09 pm
Vampiress Kyo
Hey Sammy, how's it going?
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/18/2010 10:25 pm
Vampiress Kyo
LOL, actually, I checked out all of those, I really like Stargate SG1 and Lie to me, the others are all right, but not my cup of tea so to spek. But thanks so much.
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/18/2010 9:48 pm
Vampiress Kyo
There are a few series you should look into, they come highly recomended from me.

1) Queer as Folk - In my opinion the greatest (and most accurate) love story ever told.
2) Carnivale - Is actually a little like Supernatural, but more for mature audeiences. And as a bonus stars Tim DeKay!
3) Young Riders - Wild West setting, based on the pony express, as young Wild West icons such as Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, and Wild Bill Hickok. There are other characters as well and its a great story. It aired from 89-92, and it is wildly underrated and overlooked.

If you were interested in finding other shows to get hooked on, I thought I would share some of the ones I enjoy.
also, I was wondering if there were any other shows you really enjoy , I really need more shows to watch. I am getting really bored over here. lol.
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/13/2010 11:58 pm
Vampiress Kyo
And you are welcome!
I had fun writing them down.

So whats your thoughts on Chuck? God? or just a Prophit?
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/13/2010 11:41 pm
Vampiress Kyo
Yes! Dean telling Sam he wouldnt leave! So great!
Well, I know what you mean about wanting the boys tegether, but if that had been the last episode period, then it woud have been okay for m because it would be like 'make your own ending' and in my version, Sam would hav gone up to the door and been with Dean.
I am starting 'Two And A Half Men' right now. Gonna get all cought up tonight. ^_^.
And I had a conversation with a friend at work, who opened my eyes to the fact that Chuck was most likely God. And that would explain why he vanished. I Believe In Chuck! <3

Since I am all caught up now, I will stop pestering you with my updates and just post my "Episode Posts" in the thread like I do for WC.
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/13/2010 12:05 am
Vampiress Kyo
[align=center][color=orange]"Hammer Of The Gods"

Sam always was the more logical one "Whats a 4 star hotel doing on a no star highway?"
It was an Elephant, then it was a Man. ... LOL. Dean's reaction to the elephant.
They are all arguing over what Mythology is right lol. Trickter/Gabreil is now going by Loki?
Holy s**t, she just killed Trickter/Gabriel! I didnt even get the chance to see if he could change my mind! ... I should have know, he's not dead.
EEPS! Its Lucifer!
Okay Trickster changed my mind. "Yes, they're flawed but most of them try! To do better, to forgive. I'm not on your side or Micheal's, Im on thiers"
Damnit! He just rredeamed himself in my eyes and then they kill him off the show! they did that to me with John too, though John didnt really get as much redemption as Gabriel.

"The Devil You Know"
LOL, I think I like Crowly. xD
Sam just looked betrayed when Dean left with Crowly.
Sam is talking crazy. Wanting to let Lucifer take control of him and then Sam taking back control. No Sam, for once, listen to Bobby!
Jeez, Dean! You should have realized that Crowly was setting you up! LOL, Oh yeah! I love Crowly! "Thats what ya get, working with a demon." lol
Dean freaks out everytime he hears a HellHound. I dont blame him. I think I would too.
Crowly betrayed them. And Sam yells at Dean "I told you!" and Dean looks at him and says "yeah, well lucky we have salt in the kitchen" like it was no big deal. lol
"Maybe you hate demons because youare just like us and you hate what you see everytime you look in the mirrior." Brady - After sam kills him "Interesting theory" And the look on Dean's face afterwords.
Crowly wants Bobby to make a wish, and promises to return his soul. Hmm, to trust or not to trust, that is the question.

"Two Minutes To Midnight"
OH MY! Castiel is Human?! "You said 'no' to Micheal. I owe you an apology. You are not the burn and broken shell of a man I believed you to be" lol, Castiel, this is why I love you.
lol, Pastalence "Well if Satan wants them so bad he can GLUE THEM BACK TOGETHER!!" It made me giggle.
"Theres not a speck of Angel in you, is there?" After Pestalence says this, Castiel cuts off his finger with "Maybe just a speck" lol. Gotta Love Castiel.
They find out that Bobby sold his soul and Dean is yelling at Crowly to give it back and Sam's only question is "Did you kiss him?" And they all look at Bobby expectantly. xD. ... Just a question, Is Crowly gay? I kinda always thought he was a closet case. OMG Crowly took a pic! lol. And the boys are looking at it like 'Oh My God!' "Why'd you take a picture?" ... "Why'd you have to use tongue?" Bobby &amp; Crowly. lol.
BOBBY CAN WALK! I like Crowly! Is it wrong to kinda love a demon?
"Can we commit our act of Demostic Terrorism already?" - Bobby! I love Bobby So Frickin' Much! xD
Dean agreed to let Sam basically commit scuicide?
"What exactly are you afraid of, Dean? Losing? Or losing your brother?" Bobby I think you know the answer to that. Zacharia even knew the answer to that. They put eachother above everything, even the world.

"Swan Song"
Chuck was writing about the Impala. &lt;3 I am as attached to that Damn car as Dean is! lol.
Aww, Deans speach of "Looking after you is my job, but I cant treat you like a kid anymore."
Sam is trying to make Dean promise not to try and bring him back. All I can think about was Ash "You two die more than anyone I have ever met" xD they do die alot dont they? and I was thinking way back in season 3/4 that they would just keep bringing eachother back for all eternity. Maybe I'm not wrong.
Castiel trying to 'Humor' Sam about taking care of Bobby and Dean. lol.
LMAO! "A fiddle of gold against your soul, says I'm better than you" - Lucifer - LMAO.
Dean! Aww! "Sam, No!" That look on Deans face! it just makes me want to cry! it makes him look so much younger, and so much more innocent. Aww! "I told you, this would always happen in Detroit" And Dean's about to c
Vampiress Kyo Report | 10/12/2010 6:48 pm
Vampiress Kyo
[align=center][color=orange]"My Bloody Valentine"

LOL, Dean calls Castiel and as he is on the phone Castiel apears right in fron of him. "I'm there now" ... "Yeah I get that" ... "Im gonna hang up now" ... "Right" Castiel and Dean, Still on the phones. lol.
OMG Cupid! this episode is halarious! It apeals to my humor without it being crack (like with the trickster)
Sam knew it was a demon becuase he could smell it? Wow, that blood really did a number on Sammy didnt it?
Castiel is Eating! "My hunger is a clue actually" ... and both boys at the same time "For what?" I love it when they do that! ... Wow, didnt Becky say something like that too? 'I love it when the talk at the same time!'
Well famine would explain why Sam can smell the demon blood. But if Famine is in town why is Dean all of the sudden NOT hungry &amp; NOT in the mood for women?
Sam asked Dean to lock him up so he couldnt get to the blood. It shows that Sam really doesnt want it, that he is trying so hard. I wonder if Dean realized the underlying message of Sam's words/actions at that moment?
Castiel noticed it too. "Where's your hunger, Dean?"
Sam fell off the wagon! No!
Dean wasnt hungry becauese his soul is empty/broken.
Dean looking at Sam when Sam used his powers on the demons and then the horsemen. It was a strange look from Dean, one I have never seen on him, one I cant place. What was that look?
Aww! Dean! looking up to the sky "Please, I need some help. Please" He was crying. Aww! again I say, everytime this kid crys, so do I! &lt;/3

"Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
He's a Zombie and the sharif doesnt seam to care? ... Whats going on? The Zombies arent harmful?
Bobby's dead wife is there?
Bobby pulled a gun on the boys. Aww, poor kids.
Bobby had to kill her twice, that poor guy. And when Dean saw him, he looked like he was gonna cry too.
Bobby is the town drunk?
I was wondering when Sam was gonna figure out his brother needed help.

"Dark Side Of The Moon"
They just shot SAM!
Dean has all the faith in the worl that he's gonna come back. Telling the guy to shoot him. "But when I come back, Im gonna be pissed"
LOL, Castiel is talking through the car radio. And Dean's only question is "How'd I get to Heaven?" Such a Dean thing to say.
All of Sam's good memories are bad ones for Dean.
Aww! Ash! &lt;3
"I had to find you again. This aint the first itme you've been here. You boys die more than anyone I have ever met." lol.
Pamala slaps Dean. "Thats for getting me killed" .. "If it makes you feel any better we got Ash killed too." .. "I'm cool with it!" ... "He's cool with it" Pamala/Dean/Ash.
God doesnt care. I dont think I like God. He's making me angry. And what would be the point in them remembering their Jurny in Heaven this time as opposed to all the other times?
Aww, Castiel lost his faith.
Dean threw away his necklace! NO! I knew he would do it, but It just made me want to cry.

"99 Problems"
Castiel is drunk! lol. And Leah isnt a profit, I didnt think so.
Didnt Castiel say that it wouldnt work if Dean stabbed her? Then how come he was able to kill her?
Dean left? Why? What are you up to, Dean?
He is going to say 'Yes' isnt he?

"Point Of No Return"
He packed up all his prized possesions and sent them to Bobby! he really is going to say 'Yes'. No, dont do it.
Sam to the rescue! and he brought Castiel with him. &lt;3
Things are getting rough between Bobby and Dean. that breaks my heart.
Castiel just took on 2 angels at once! You go, Castiel!
The Angels brought back Adam? For what purpose?
Adam acts alot like Dean. ...
"You know Cas, not for nothing, but the last person who looked at me like that, I got laid." Dean, lol. and then he winks at Castiel.
Dean doesnt believe in Sam. ... And he just Zapped Castiel away! No, Dean!
Zacharia- "They are psycotically, irrationaly, Eroticaly codependant on eachother. They'd rather save each other's sweet bacon than safe the planet!"
Wow! note to self; D


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