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Report | 03/08/2013 3:55 pm

Glitched Existence

I may hate people, but i do have the sense to want to help those who are in need so its what I chose and been passionate about.
i'm hopefully able to, since my sister got a scholarship for her college year when shes done in high school.

Exactly. I may have, but I feel lately my heart isn't all for it as of late. with how guys continue to be towards me, and Mal trying to just keep me as a toy
I don't feel all up for being around guys. I do however, don't mind couple of the guys I am close to, in fact consider dating one since he's really sweet and respect me more than any other guy ever did.
Murr. Top it off, recently mal began to believe that i'm a guy and not a girl because Sera said so.
=-= Seriously, this girl needs to just ******** off
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Report | 03/08/2013 9:55 am

Glitched Existence

Yes, psychology *smiles*

Its all good, we're trying to remain friends in a sense. I've dated around enough to know what it is I want in the end.
Not going to lie, i cannot stay alone for too long, it messes with my head quite badly.
I'm doing fine. If anything, the whole college thing is keeping me busy
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Report | 03/06/2013 1:56 pm

Milk Yogurt

I'm doing good sesshoumaru. xd
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Report | 03/06/2013 9:50 am

Glitched Existence

Ah, how is that going for you?
News on my end is that I'm finally getting into college so I'm a bit excited over it whee
I guess you could say it went for the worse, we split.
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Report | 03/05/2013 5:24 pm

Milk Yogurt

Hello !
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Report | 02/15/2013 8:33 am

Glitched Existence

Yah...Its kinda bad..and taking its toll on me..
I'm trying to trust him, but its slowly becoming hard because I don't trust her and I'm afraid she's going to get him to go behind me...
I do not think he's capable...Sadly..Think he's falling for her act..
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Report | 02/14/2013 2:18 pm

Glitched Existence

I know this...And it kinda scares me really...Not gonna lie..I do have a fear of love and thats whats making my paranoia worse..
Even with that, it usually doesn't stop others. I learned this the hard way of people leaving me for abusive exes of sorts. It tends to attract them back, really.
He may be attached, thats the thing. With allowing her back into his life and what not, kissing her...Even if it was the 'last' shows signs of attachment.

I'm trying not to let her get to me but honestly, its still bugging me that he's keeping her around. Knowing what she's capable of and her intentions to get him back.
She'll do anything and that's whats practically setting me off.
I'm trying, really but sadly. There isn't much I can do. I'm not like other girls and he some what believes I am so his tactic of 'love' is different from what I'm more less use to so..
sweatdrop its..confusing...sadly...sorry
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Report | 02/14/2013 8:43 am

Glitched Existence

Well, yes. I mean, I do of course.
Well, I can't say anything on that part, but even if it went bad...
Most people always return to ex's...Because they are still attached to each other..
Which makes me scared...she's attached to him and even if he denies it..I can see that he is too..
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Report | 02/12/2013 8:48 am

Glitched Existence

Well, I don't think it would work that way for her.
Because anything towards her, she takes ten folds and twists it
She claims to still be in love with Mal and since her relationship with the other guy she was suppose to be with failed
She's trying to get Mal to leave me for her. *She sighs* because she believes he still has feelings for her and some other crap.
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Report | 02/11/2013 8:32 am

Glitched Existence

Yeah, I know that but its strange.
He's friends with her and knowing her motives now makes me feel very uncomfortable emotion_8c

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Report | 02/07/2013 10:51 am

Glitched Existence

sweatdrop Truthfully, it did. More so because of Sera, me and Mal fought a bit..
But it cleared up and we're slowly just forgetting it even happened sweatdrop

That's good to hear 3nodding You'll adjust and you'll be able to go into the field you studied for 3nodding
I wish you luck on your search 3nodding
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Report | 02/06/2013 8:18 am

Glitched Existence

Oh hello!
It's all good, I completely understand 3nodding
Ohmy, that's really awesome 3nodding

I'm actually rather swell as of late 3nodding How about yourself?
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Report | 01/14/2013 11:03 am

Glitched Existence

Yes, but most do such either way.
I heard, which makes her say that you two usually stalk her or something. Which make me say surely its a coincidence. If its a popular spot in town, you're bound to run into people
who you see or maybe a friend or two. I haven't been in town that often but, even then I still find people I usually see in other places.
Mh, I prefer being more of an observer so, doesn't surprise me.
Not when I was on Mals profile, I wouldn't want to make that public and make myself seem like the...bad one..
I have to agree with that. A reason why I don't even turn on my TV anymore.
I do, however remain on shows that have to do with crime and so on, like criminal minds, or shows a long that line
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Report | 01/13/2013 10:43 am

Glitched Existence

Neither can I, guess people just have their own 'taste'
I've noted. I suppose she is exactly like a child due to her refusing to accept what everyone else had to say, even if it was the truth and make it seem like she wasn't in the wrong.
Then again, she's showed she has a lot of growing up to do still..Though she tries very hard to make herself look 'older'

I rarely snap, truthfully. I really hate it cause due to the damage it does, but due to that girl, it happened.
I don't wish it to happen again..

Mh, I've noticed that, especially on how bad many of the shows now a day just aren't the greatest thing. With the messages they hold now a days..
My hope for humanity is on a thread, sad..
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Report | 01/11/2013 7:37 pm

Glitched Existence

As do I. Prefer the peace and quiet way of life than drama and chaos...
Mh, least I could do to try and help you guys to cool down. I cannot say much but, possibly if ever the chance arises.
I can handle certain stress, but if it becomes overbearing, I can easily turn into a different person..but the less there is, the less likely I'll snap again.
I am sorry to hear that, but least we are aware cruelty does exist and the darkness is apparent but so is the light, as hard as it is to find, its there and its always best to keep a tight hold on it so you aren't left in the dark..
A good feeling? That's rather swell *She smiles faintly*
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Report | 01/11/2013 6:20 pm

Glitched Existence

I am not complaining, honestly. Just glad she backed off before I ended up snapping at her for it all.
Mh, well its just an honestly mistake, what I told her and what Lieko told me. Couldn't give my opinion really since I wasn't there nor part of that thing.

Well, that is good at least. Someone like her shouldn't be kept around if she's taking her own problems out on others who are innocent.
Dare she try anything while on my watch, towards me or any of my friends, or Even towards Mal again, I will not hesitate to destroy that small friendship.

Mh, we are and those types of people I prefer holding close rather then those who prefer to not accept me.
I know the world isn't bad, but sometimes...When you are surrounded by it so much and have to withstand certain abuse, its hard to believe that there is still a bit of 'light'

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Report | 01/11/2013 11:35 am

Glitched Existence

I'm surprised by myself, I didn't think it was possible..
Mh, Lieko has told me of such and so has the girl. An honest mistake that really didn't deserve such a reaction. What I have told her when I brought it up.
She of course, attempted to snap at me, I Just laughed it off and told her she's only acting foolish for being offended by such.
I see, because of her she didn't want you around..Possibly because she figured you'd side with Lieko and aim to hurt her or something...I guess?

Mh, sadly it does which have made me not so fond of interaction with others. More so hate it to the point where I refuse to make 'new' friends..
Guess she did do something right, for once
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Report | 01/11/2013 10:42 am

Glitched Existence

Well, she is really stubborn and it took quite a lot just to get her to leave Mal alone and your mate. Though, now she seems to only talk badly about her.
Which is rather a contradiction since she claims she would never do such *groans*
As have mines, not only because they couldn't accept the way I am, but more so because of my sexuality. which makes it more sad along with annoying.
Seems we are becoming rare...
Glitched Existence's avatar

Report | 01/11/2013 8:18 am

Glitched Existence

I've noted that, if I do come off as cruel, forgive me.
I am quite protective of those I hold close, and wont stand for those who disturb my peace
nor those who wish harm to the little circle of friends I hold.
I do not mind being a friend, if anything more of an honor to me *smiles*
friends now a days are hard to make, due to many being close minded...sadly..
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Report | 01/11/2013 6:35 am

The Nexus Embodied

Indeed, and thank you,I'm am worried though because I want other's to be able to contact me if they'd like to say something to me about anything. So by that point it would be a bad Idea..Hmm, maybe i'll just lame it out? maybe she's actually given up, haven't heard anything as of late(i.e since I blocked her) So maybe the coast is clear? I think i'll just block her mules as they come, I already know of a couple, hopefully they're it and it'll all be fine.

And I'd also like to thank you for reaching out to my love, Rica. I hope that now we can all be friends and have a giant Rp party~ ^^
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