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grimcake Report | 06/14/2021 2:28 am
cool avi
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 1:33 am
Ok cool. thanks for talking to me so long.
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 1:28 am
That's what I said.
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 1:16 am
I really liked it. Have you seen it?
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 1:09 am
Oh wow that was fast. I've only seen one horror. It was when I was 7 and it was Goosebumb's Chuckie.
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 1:00 am
I love Twilight, The Covenant, and Ultraviolet.
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 12:55 am
LOL ok. No prob. Anyway come up with something.
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 12:52 am
Hey when do you think that your friend will be done?
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 12:45 am
Yeah I know what you mean. And your so easy to talk to too.
Lineina Report | 06/18/2009 12:43 am
Sure I will as soon as I edit it. LOL. It's fun talking to you.


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Registered: 04/01/2007

Gender: Female


I iz wanteh!



I don't really like explaining myself so this will most likely come out with me sounding up myself, but shush, your fault for reading.

-My flannel pyjama bottoms
-My iPod
-My guitar, my piano's, clarinets and soon my pretty bass guitar
-My Nikon D40
-My decaying studded belt
-My Chemical Romance [the band, not some drug addiction I have, that is]
-Mashed potato
-My legit. album collection [pride and joy]
-The piece of metal on my face.
-My very tolerant friends.

Doesn't particularly enjoy:-
-Hip Hop, R&B
-People who lie for me to like them
-Contact Paper
-People who stand next to me with bigger boobs then mine
-Musicians who think Groupies make you a rock star
-Marilyn Manson
-Pink [the colour, I have no quarrel with the singer]
-Low battery on my iPod
-n****e piercings
Pathetic fans who chase down Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson to touch their skin. Seriously, its both degrading for you and the rest of us.
-The Sun
-People who go around saying 'I'm gonna get mah cousins on you! You better watch your back in town coz I'll be lookin' for choo!'
-I LOL in your face

That's basically it. Most of my heroes, if not all are musicians. They make noise that much better for my world =]


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Special thanks to TiemLady for creating this awesome drawing of my Avatar. LOVE! xxx

So this really handsome boy gave me a black rose smile