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Gender: Female

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About me

Status: Married (to Vicious Rumors) IRL
Home: Holland

My home on Gaia: B/C forum.

Random IRL things:
I'm a serious knitter, I knit just about every day.

Gaming Sims 3. Final Fantasy IX, X and X-2 for Playstation. Pokemon Pearl, Soul Silver, heart gold, black, white, and Harvest Moon for DS,random android games

Movies: Almost anything non-horror and some thriller. I love biographies/true stories, historical fiction, chick flicks, comedy and just about anything by Disney.
Actors: I will watch anything with Robin Williams or Reese Witherspoon.
Watched too often: Legally Blonde, Bring it On series, The Other Boleyn Girl, Step it Up (all), Beauty and the Beast
TV Shows Heroes, Hells Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, Top Chef (OMG foodie shows xD), The Tudors, American Chopper, House, Dollhouse, Dr Who

I'm an avid reader. Give me nothing else to focus on for the day and I can read up to three books within 24 hours.
AuthorsV.C. Andrews, Jean M. Auel, Anne Rice, Alice Borchardt, Julie Garwood, Phillippa Gregory, Anne McCaffrey, Stephanie Meyers, J.K. Rowling, Robin Hobb, Danielle Steel
Genre: Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction
Loved Books: The Twilight Series, For the Roses, The Silver Wolf, Flowers in the Attic, Earth's Children

I used to cross-stitch, sew, scrapbook and just about anything else. However I've found knitting to be the easiest for portability and function. Plus I'm less likely to loose knitting needles than I am anything else xD

CARAMEL! My huge weakness. Caramel candy, coffee, icecream, shakes...
Also mashed potatoes. (random huh?) Don't forget the gravy...
Annoying thing is, I seem to have developed a milk allergy -.- of all the annoying freeking things...

I'm Christian and proud of it

Before PMing me about my vend items:

1. I rarely take items as a trade unless it's MCs.
2. I rarely go lower than my price unless I see that it is seriously lower by more than 3 people in the vend.
3. I wont hold an item for you, even if you are questing and nearly finished.
4. Be literate. I cant read 1337 or chat speak and will just delete the PM without a reply.
5. Don't beg to have an item for cheaper even if it is for your best friends birthday. I don't care.