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My Esteemed Employers: The Goddesses Eighteen


All...well, some of what you need to know about me, both the real and the fake

Well, let's get the real me out of the way. I'm 28 years old, live in southeast michigan, and work at a menial job. I aspire to be a writer, which in real world speak means I write a lot and don't do anything with it. If you have further curiosity, PM me, otherwise let's get to where the meat is, the fake me...

And that fake me is Demarious Nightstar. This is my original name, but a name I was awarded upon completing my training as a servant of the Goddesses Eighteen. I was as surprised as anyone to be chosen for this honor, and more surprised that the training takes about 150 years. Thanks to the miracle of time loops, as well as time pause bubbles, this training was in effect completed instantaneously - though I still experienced the passage of 150 years.

As a servent of the eighteen Goddesses, my job is two fold. My primary task is to see to their overall well-being and general condition. They have many servants, of course, so I'm more of a supervisor in this regard, though there are still things I must handle myself. It is a challenge, but I feel honored to have this position, as it means I am thuroughly trusted by all of them. My second task is to cleanse demons.

That may sound direct, but it's more complex than you think. Demons, in this regard, are born from the extreme thoughts of humans and other intelligent creatures. Even a wish for good can spawn a demon if that wish is in any way corrupt. There are also demons born of pain, usually taking the form of vengance demons. Some of these are brutish attack machines, and some are thinking beings that can be brought into balance and become functioning creatures. So I cannot just go in blindly slaughtering, or I too would give birth to more hatred. One must be meticulous, and once again, time pause bubbles are great for this. Sometimes, though, a world gets overran by its own currption, and must be completely cleansed.

In the case of a complete cleansing, the goddesses will unleash their full power, with me as their conduit. Though I do have a number of skills and abilities, most of the power I use to do my job is not mine. The bulk of my training involved channeling thier power through me, and it is not limitless. I am in no way an unstoppable force, and I'm just as killable as anyone. To unleash their full fury, I must seek their permission, and unless I'm protecting someone that permission would never be granted for selfish reasons. All in all, it's a tough but rewarding job, but sometimes you just need a break.

So, since I posses the ability to cross dimensions as part of my job, I can travel to pretty much every world, and even to worlds that in yours may be fictional. When it's a vacation I need there are many options, and this land of Gaia is one of them. Not here to cause trouble or hunt any demons, and there is certainly no doctorine that me esteemed employers would have me push on you. Just here to relax. If you've read this far, I commend you for your interest.

...and of course I mean your interest in how far I am willing to go to escape from reality. But hey, dead end job, or demon hunting, dimension crossing, servant of some very cute goddesses. If you have to pick a delusion, I say go all out.

Goddesses and Demon Hunters for Dummies...and everyone else, too

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What you didn't know about the Goddesses Eighteen, and my job.

Herein lies all I am able, or willing, to tell about my esteemed employers, the Goddesses Eighteen. Also inlcuded may be descriptions of my job as their servant and demon hunter. (Many entries, so please use the archive. Thank you.)

Caretaker and Warrior

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AlexxRedd Report | 10/24/2011 8:51 am

Vote on Zombro, bro!
AlexxRedd Report | 10/18/2011 8:32 am
Guh. Wish I cared about ONE THING long enough to be that good at it.
AlexxRedd Report | 10/13/2011 12:16 pm
Lets do it bromobabo.
AlexxRedd Report | 10/06/2011 5:37 am
It'll probably be cool; but yeah, I'll let you know. Even if I can't seem to get texts back I should be able to get one out.
AlexxRedd Report | 10/02/2011 10:22 pm
Who do you think I am? Of COURSE I'm gona eat 'em! Geeze man...
AlexxRedd Report | 10/02/2011 10:18 pm
AHHH, that's it! Shoulda known. But yeah, I got it. It's gona cost you a pack of cigarettes.
AlexxRedd Report | 10/02/2011 9:46 pm
Bah, that sounds familiar, but I'm not getting the joke! I should know's right on the tip of my tongue
AlexxRedd Report | 10/02/2011 7:50 am
Ah sweet! I hope the voice acting turns out well. Some good voice acting would make that show even more hilarious.
AlexxRedd Report | 09/21/2011 7:49 am
LOL, not that I don't want it, but what kinda unlockable is that? Extra characters, special weapons - sure. But two player mode? Bah, whatever. That's pretty much what I wanted, so I'll probably end up getting it. Maybe a pair of HD cables to take advantage of all the HDness as well. But anyway, yeah, I guess they're just THAT GOOD.
AlexxRedd Report | 09/20/2011 9:02 am
Fair enough. I can accept that as Spoons Science.

Words to live by

"Anyone ever tries to kill you, you try an' kill 'em right back!" - Malcom Reynolds, Firefly.

Esteemed Guests


Fun with TekTek

I visit random dimensions and make new friends. Here are my attempts to create images of them using this dimension's technology.


Windy, Goddess
of Wind

Raine, Goddess
of Water

Sol, Goddess of
the Sun

Aedestra, Goddess
of Fire

Gaia, Goddess
of Earth

Lily, Goddess
of Life

Morgan, Goddess
of Death

Goddess of Fate

Sophia, Goddess
of Wisdom

Goddess of War

Ezzerial, Goddess
of Storms

Flora, Goddess
of Verdure

Fauna, Goddess
of Beasts

Elliah, Goddess
of Chance

Grace, Goddess
of Sound

Cellest, Goddess
of Civilization

Princess Skye,
Goddess of the Nexus,
Heir to the Mother

Mother Goddess
Zipherion Nejestaraphu,
Goddess of the Nexus,
Mother of Balance

And here's me in my full gear, with the
Midnight Star, and a special viel of
protection from Lady Windy.

(Now if only the real me could do half as well for someone)

Well, did my best here.
Not perfect, but you get
the idea. This is Dizzy.
Perhaps there are actually
19 Goddesses, no?


Well, this is Mir, or at
least it's supposed to
be. Just could not make any
of her outfits, but that
look on her face... it's so
perfectly Mir. So I put
her in something she might
like. Or maybe that's just
me. She looks a lot like
Lady Raine, and they act
alike too...