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About this kunoichi

A little about myself:

Age- 19
Height- around 5"7
Eye Color- crimson
Body Type- Athletic
Hair length- A little past her shoulder bones.
Hair Color- light blue at the moment
Outfit- Tabard skirt, with black bicycle shorts under. Fishnet top with a type of tank top over that, which has only one strap.
Relationship Status- Single.
Weapons of Choice- Katana &&' senbon needles.
Pet-nin- Wolf named Shinpoumaru[meaning faith] nickname is Shin.
Occupation- hired killer

Background info:
She had originally lived in a small village. Delzia was around the age of 4 when she had come home and found her father gone and her mother in tears. She doesn't remember much about her father, only that he was nice to her and he was quite handsome. At the age of 6 her mother remarried a man who went by the name of Kakure. He was a nice man the first year [give or take a few months] of marriage to her mother, but soon turned verbally and physically abusive. He used her like his personal play toy, doing whatever he wanted with her. She was helpless, her mother wouldn't believe her, she turned a blind eye onto those types of problems. A few years went on like that, her and he brother coming home and being hit and kicked if he was drunk or in a bad mood. But one night, when she was around the age of 8 it was worse then usual, she had come home later than usual, her brother had gone home earlier. She came home to find her brother and mother lifeless on the floor with her step-father standing over them. She fell to the floor and cried, her step-father coming closer to her with every step he made. She watched dully as he grabbed another kunai from his leg holster as came at her. It came down to kill or be killed, she chose the first. She was lucky only to receive a few gashes here and there along with a deep cut on her back, inches from her spine. She still bears the scar it left to this day. Once the small fight was done, she slid to the floor and stared at nothing in particular, her mind going numb, Once she had come back to her senses she ran, but not before she burned down her house.Grabbing things she held dear to her but she set the fire to the small building. Like photos and a few other objects that belonged to her mother and father. The katana she uses today used to be her mothers. She now dyes her hair different colors because her brother used to do it. It's her way of remembering him. She also took a few scrolls that where her mothers. For her dad, she uses senbon. He was a pro at using senbon needles, or so her mother told her. She left her home and traveled and lived on her own, training as a ninja.Soon after she left and has continued traveling as a hired killer and hired worker.

She's a quiet girl at first, wary of others. She hides behind a mask of fake smiles and laughs so as not to worry others. She does not speak of her troubles to others so as not to burden them with her worries and problems, accepting the fact they they are her problems alone and no one elses. Give her your time and understanding and you'll have her loyalty for years to come. She's actually pretty nice and more open once you get to know her better and gain her trust. When it comes to certain situations she can become serious and concentrate on what needs to be done. Del's trust isn't that hard to gain, which can be a bad thing at times. She adores animals and will become angry if you harm one in her presence. Del can become aggressive when mad, but it also depends on the situation at hand. Over-all she is a pretty laid back person, more observing than hands on.


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carolfb7a1988 Report | 01/24/2008 3:24 am
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GunSword Report | 09/16/2007 8:34 am
I LOVE YOU, MOOFIN. <33 User Image xD


Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.
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