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Hello from your local trash goblin.

Most folks refer to me as Deli (and every related pun that entails). I'm ancient and have been around since 2003; I migrated to this account in 2004 and converted my original account into a mule. On June 26th, 2018 I became a forum assistant, which is pretty neat.
The majority of my time is spent screwing with my avatar, posting around the GCD, or chatting on Discord. I'm also on a very, very slow quest to get an agate ticket. Like barely even a quest slow.

Offline, I'm a thirty-one year old bi lady living with my long-time boyfriend and our two cats in a half double that's slowly being engulfed by books, tea, and knitting. My day job is library IT, and my evenings are typically spent playing a lot of D&D with other people. Also, I have a tumblr that's older than most children. No, you may not have the link.




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