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Location: Sailing across the Universe on $alty$hip IV

Birthday: 11/07

Occupation: Ship Captain


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Lake Kindred drops good stuff. I'll be active because of that heh.
OOooo ZOMG came back. What a time to be alive.

Here's some basic information about me wink

Birthday: 11/07
Personality: INTJ. Chill person to talk to.
Likes: CATS asjdfhaskfhal
Dislikes: uhhh......ginger(food)
Bad Habit: I procrastinate

I like to draw naked people, watch anime, and play games.
Feel free to talk to me when I'm online biggrin I won't bite :3

Profile under construction. It's been ages since I last saw it.
Finally commencing profile construction using the power of CSS.

Profile Reconstruction Log:
Redid color theme to green and white
Added borders
Made contents move to center (too many workarounds -- need to find efficient method)
*****Made profile responsive (go ahead and view on phone/change width of browser. Magic happens!)*****
Redid font colours
Added a new hover style to links

Future Plans:
Change the top panel of links (and make that responsive)
Add cooler graphics/pics (profile looks a little lame)


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IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 02/14/2018 9:52 am
blaugh wow so girly now heart
IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 03/17/2017 4:37 pm
profile is cool whee
Kitty the Ninja Pikachu Report | 07/03/2016 5:17 pm
Kitty the Ninja Pikachu
that really sucks Dx everyine, even me seem to be busy these days. I'm doing fine ^^
Kitty the Ninja Pikachu Report | 06/29/2016 6:51 pm
Kitty the Ninja Pikachu
Hi there xD how are you?
IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 05/28/2016 8:12 pm
AYYYYY im active now man! biggrin
Delicious_Dragon Report | 04/06/2015 1:08 pm
I miss u too.....sorry i replied 2 years later crying
IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 08/04/2012 6:42 am
I feel like I'm spamming you
IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 08/01/2012 1:55 am
YO!! Haven't talk to you in a while!!!! HOWS LIFE SISTA
IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 08/01/2011 7:38 pm
I want fondon cake is that how you spell fondon?
IXx_Calming-Melody_xXI Report | 08/01/2011 7:36 pm
I miss you so much!

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