Hello, profile stalker person! The name is DelarStar.
My friends call me Dela or Delly though.
I'm too lazy to write about myself so here's a list ouo/

01. Most of the time I lack motivation to effort.
02. I like the color orange.
03. I like the color purple.
04. I wear glasses.
05. They're thick frames, colored orange and black.
06. I turned twenty-two on June 2nd, 2017.
07. Thinks zombies and unicorns go well together.
08. Man-eating unicorns are the best unicorns.
09. Manga / anime fangirl.
10. Plays World of Warcraft, and much less BNS and TERA.
11. Minecraft is great too ouo
12. I like confetti. I'm the Deity of Confetti.
13. Worst thing about owning an rp is dealing with people. #gaiaproblems
14. Currently obsessed with watching YOGSCAST videos.
15. Forever obsessed with One Piece.
16. I have no life. Whoops.
17. Obsessed with music. Like I literally get twitchy without it.
18. Cats are the best animals.
19. Forever yearning for more rps than I need.
20. My siggy gives you all my gaian relationships.
21. Peanut butter candy is best candy.