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About life, my life =D

Things about me and such, things that has happend in my life and others lifes.

Beg for Mercy..?

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bismarckkyle16 Report | 08/10/2008 1:51 pm
love2 usagi_ichigo Report | 07/01/2008 4:35 am
love2 usagi_ichigo
*smiles* yeah it does ^_^
love2 usagi_ichigo Report | 06/28/2008 8:19 am
love2 usagi_ichigo
*giggles* yeah it looks great doesn't it? well just a feeling
love2 usagi_ichigo Report | 06/16/2008 4:56 am
love2 usagi_ichigo
*smiles* glad you liked it I thought you wouldn't lol ^_^
bismarckkyle16 Report | 06/15/2008 10:36 pm
sweet! we are already friends... weird though...
Oh well biggrin
bismarckkyle16 Report | 06/14/2008 11:19 pm
Im pretty sure you did too! Maybe something happend... Ill add you to the friendslist biggrin
Cretrel Report | 06/14/2008 6:10 pm
^_^ thats ok. (but between you n me, im kinda lost )^_^
Im barely awake right now, MEPS is annoyingly tireing.
oO-Yash-Revolution-Oo Report | 06/13/2008 1:30 pm
what?O.o argh shush you &arrow>.>
oO-Yash-Revolution-Oo Report | 06/08/2008 5:39 pm
lol @ arrows in the picture razz i never knew you actually liked hot fuzzo.o i cant beileve im not on your profile it makes me sadv.v *crawls into a dark corner*
love2 usagi_ichigo Report | 06/05/2008 1:14 am
love2 usagi_ichigo
^_^ that's so cute! ^_^

Deisheike & Ichi

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Last Login: 12/08/2008 6:03 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Not telling!

About Sheike

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{This is the same one just wihtout the hood to show you the hair I want.}
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My name is Deisheike, you may call me Dei or Sheike.

I have A twin... her name is Dizzally Demon. {She likes it when people call her Dizzy D.}

What I like to do:
Reading{Mostly only mangas}, drawing, stargazing, sleeping, taking pictures, annoying my sister, listening to music, and dancing, playing with ducktape, being active, Playing in fountains and with sharp objects.

Movies and T.V. shows I like:
Family guy, Inuyasha, Chobits, Trigun, Labrynth, Pirates of the Caribian, HotFuzz, Princess Mononokee, Spirited Away, and InvaderZim.

What I'm like:
I am calm most the time and silent when someone I do not know talks to me, I will smile when you are trusted and I get hyper only around great friends, I am very nice when you get to know me and only show most my emotions to my Twin, I am very active mostly around my Twin, When at school I always sit by the window, I ussually cary sharp objects and ducktape in ym backpack/bag aswell a cellphone just incase, I almost always stop after school and sit at the beach and or swim, That or take a walk before going home. {Message me if wanting to know more}

Me and Dizzy:
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Me, Ichigo & Dizzally:
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{My poems..}
^~*~^Tragic Magic^~*~^
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As the sun fades...sorrow returns...

As the rain falls...it empties the soul...

As things change...the more they stay the same...

As we get older...our bodies weaken from the pain...

For every love...more pain does consume us....

For evey person who thinks they are the one...more pain fills them when they realize the truth

For every lesson we learn...we teach others pain....

There maybe someone...but they can't replace anyone...

Love is forever... it doesn't last just one day... love is something you share with another... it is what makes many lives better... even tho love may hurt... you still need it... lovin some one is better than lovin yourself... for loving some one you get their love in return... and thats basically the most important thing in life... having someone who loves you...

^~*~^I didn't want to get hurt^~*~^
After all this time there was one line I wanted to say,
each and everyday, but couldn't because, I thought it was destined at birth, that throughout my whole life, I would always get hurt. So all I did was depend on some friends, who are always here to protect and defend. But, after some long nights and days my fear of being hurt began to fade away. My fear has started to descend, because i know my life will one day end. So before my life fades away I will live my life my own way. I will open up and not keep myself shut. Now i will confess, cuz' its for the best. I just want to see if we can really be, in that thing called love granted to us by the heavens above.

^~*~^Why'd u leave me?^~*~^
i thought what we had was real..... i guess to you it wasn't a big deal....after all the times we've been through....you still didn't think i was true....now you leave me.........and i still can't see....why'd you do it? why did you want to hurt me? i told you i loved you..... you said you did too......i told you i'll never leave you... and you said i wouldn't too....but it was all a lie.... now all i do is cry..... you probably wouldn't even care if i died........... but im not going anywhere until you answer this.......WHY'D YOU LEAVE ME!

^~*~^The One^~*~^
Your the one that i want
the one that i need
the one that i gotta have just to succeed
when i first saw you i knew it was real
im sorry about the pain i made you feel
that wasn't me
let me show you the way
i look for the sun but its raining today
i remember when i first looked into your eyes
it was like i was there
heaven in the skies
i war with the skies cuz i didn't want to get hurt
but i didn't know i made everything worse
you told me we were crazy in love
but you didn't care when push came to shove
if you loved me as much as you said you did
then why did you treat me like i ain't $h!t
now you push me away like you never even knew me
i love you with all my heart really and truely
but i guess you forgot the time that we shared
when you would run your fingers through my hair
i wanna know how you can do me so wrong
thats the reason why this poem is so long
i really wanna show you
i really need to hold you
i really wanna know you like no one else can kno you
your number 1 and always in my heart
and i can't believe our loves torn apart...............
so please take away this pain
i don't wanna play this game
all i wanna do is stay here with you
because i know in my heart i'll always be true.....

^~*~^Have u ever?^~*~^
Have you ever felt so right?
When he was with you every night,
To comfort you and hold you tight,
And you smile at just the sight,
Of the man that you loved,
He makes you feel like a dove,
But now he has left you,
All sad and blue,
And you ask yourself wat shall i do,
Should i cry?
Should i just die?
I don't want to live life like a lie,
Now your gone im like a fly,
Wandering around through the sky,
Looking for my special guy.

^~*~^For that someone^~*~^
I..m waiting here foe that someone everday and night..needing someone to hold me tight..to cheer me up when im sad..and make me smile when im mad..i need someone that will alwayz care..someone that will alwayz be there..even when im right or wrong..and alway there to keep me strong..someone to show me there is no fear..someone there and alwayz near..alwayz helping me get through..someone there to say I LOVE U!! ..someone to be there when im cold..and alwayz there foe me to hold..someone there foe me to think of..someone there to show me LOVE..

you pick me up when i'm down....you make me smile when i frown....all day and night i think of you....not knowing what to do....when your gone i'm filled with fear....hoping,wishing that you were near.....so if you read this show me now....i really want to know how..............to hold you right....and make your days nice and bright....there is one more thing i need to add.....how can i stop you from being sad?

^~*~^There's always someone else^~*~^
As the wind blows, it takes with it our sorrow...
As the rain falls, it drains out all of our pain...
As time passes by, we all change...
As we get older, there are more feelings experienced...
For every love we have, the more hurt there is...
For every heart break there is,theres always someone to repair it...
For every injury we get, we learn a new lesson...
For all the people we have, there is always someone to love...

Forget his name Forget his face Forget his kiss His warm embrace Forget the love that you once knew Remember now that you two are through Forget the ways he made you smile Forget the number you used to dial Forget the the days you were together Forget the ways he made your days better Forget the things that he once said Remember the night when you cried i bed Forget how he said "Our love will last" Remember now that thats the past And last of all Forget the name you used to call Because he won't be there when you fall

^~*~^All for you^~*~^
Everything i do is all for you... Everything i say is all true...
I want to hold you tight and make sure everything's alright I'll be here to protect and defend The one person that's here for you to depend Even though i might get hurt You leaving me is much more worse
I'll give the whole world if it can be done Because to me u are the important one I'll do whatever I can to make you happy and if I can't I'll feel so crappy. The words you say are all so sweet, they leave my heart oh so weak. If we ever break up i would not sleep, I'll just think of you and start to weep. My love for you is not untrue
and if you think so i'll be so blue Is there something that i can do
to make you love me the way i do? Because the truth is i want to marry you, so that all our dreams can come true... So please tell me now is this how you feel... Tell me the truth... is your love real?


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