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Electroshock therapy;
Bass that tampers with your nerves.


{ day-ip-are-ous }

-adjective [L. deus: a god; parere: to bring forth.]
Bearing or bringing forth a god.
Pronounce the nickname "die." He prefers it.

Do not send Dei random friend requests, pointless PMs
or beg for his items. He can and will block your a**.

Dei will not put up with your bullshit.
IE; mind games, moochers, copy cats, etc.
Do it and you're removed from his friends list. Period.

User Image
// A quick summary //

Dei is an '04 member. For years Gaia has been a second home.
He is unique, laid back, blunt, quiet and antisocial- meaning
he's distant to all but a handful of close friends. He does not
care for large groups of any kind. He tends to lurk around WG, GD
and SS farms with select crews. Dei is an artist, gamer,
perfectionist, grammar shark, a loner and a smart a**. Teasing is
one way he shows affection- if he likes you enough to do it, that is.

He finds proper grammar intelligent and sexy. Though he can have an
unnatural amount of patience, don't expect him to actively engage in
such conversations seeping with chat speak or cutesy talk.
"Ish, mai, LOLOL." It's idiotic.

Rave, rock and metal make him feel alive while loud mouths, forged
smiles and fake friends turn him off. Dei listens to opinions but has his
own and finds most people interesting from afar. He lives by his own
established beliefs and enjoys mutual silence when it's there.

Dei does not like Myspace, Facebook or Twitter so don't even ask.
Dei is kind but not a pushover, nor does he typically care
about your shallow drama. Leave it at the door.

Don't have a cow if he doesn't always say hi. He's probably
just not in the mood to be social. End of story.



Deiparous loves aviart but has little. Draw Dei some?
You might even get a tip.

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