- I'm a New Yorker
- You all say "coffee" wrong
- I'm provocative
- Orange is my favourite colour.
- When I was younger I always wanted to be President
- Or a con artist. Same thing, right?
- I'm apathetic; I hate drama
- I don't keep very many people close.
- Shaun is my inseparable best friend.
- Bandannas and big headphones are generally worn at all times... I feel uncomfortable when my head isn't covered.
- I believe in you, and everyone else.
- Spirits are a big part of my life. I can't function normally without the supernatural.
- Fashion is my life. Favourite designer is Fendi heart I don't care what people say, I like Italian fashion better than French.
- I'm Greek, I argue and if you help me, I feel compelled to repay you by cooking for you, or else feeding you.
- Rap, Hip-hop, and soul is where it's at
- I don't like rock, jut oldies rock (only on seldom occasions)
- I'm a lesbian, but I'm afraid of girls. gonk
- But I'll still like it if you talked to me.
- More will be added later

AIM: Deikailo
MSN: Deikailo@hotmail.com

Feel free to chat. 3nodding

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[ petrosity ]

Report | 12/26/2012 3:23 pm

[ petrosity ]

Merry fishmas.
Torrance Danziger

Report | 06/05/2012 8:19 pm

Torrance Danziger

sweatdrop Oh dear, I forgot about that-- I'm sorry. I remember you from the Tamer Brad/Beholder era-- my username was Ronin Fox on those boards. whee How's it going?
[ petrosity ]

Report | 03/03/2012 11:02 pm

[ petrosity ]

Nice new picture. ;D
Dranzer the Phoenix

Report | 02/10/2012 12:37 pm

Dranzer the Phoenix

Thanks. I might just check it out.

Report | 02/06/2012 2:53 pm


Thanks for telling me and I think I might just check it out.

Report | 02/05/2012 4:00 pm


Thanks for telling me! ^^
[ petrosity ]

Report | 02/05/2012 2:14 pm

[ petrosity ]

Happy Unbirfday. :]
[ petrosity ]

Report | 01/05/2012 4:42 pm

[ petrosity ]

Happy New Years. ;3
Supreme Zero

Report | 11/16/2011 6:26 pm

Supreme Zero

-Random Comment-

Awesome profile!

Yer video doesn't work, or at least not for me! Nice avi btw
[ petrosity ]

Report | 06/23/2011 5:20 pm

[ petrosity ]

I'm trying the art thing again, and I'm stealing yer avatar for practicing purposes. Still want that pesky scar, right? ;P


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