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The Life of Juliet Kinomoto Chapter 1

Here's a look @ my book...The Life of Juilet Kinomoto...tell me what u think of it please

Chapter 1

"Konichiwa, Juliet-kun!" Said Ichiru Kiryu. Ichiru is 5ft. 6inch., 14 years old and is in the same school and most of the classes with Juliet Kinomoto. Ichiru has kinda long purple/grayish type of hair, he also has light purple eyes.
Unlike his younger brother Zero( you'll meet Zero later on in the story).
"Yea, yea. Just leave me alone right now please Ichiru."Juliet asked. Juliet is this girl that's been through 100 foster parents from the time she was 2 1/2 'till now. Juliet's now 13 years old and goes to Hiean-Kyo Middle School. She's 7th grade and has most classes with Ichiru. Juliet has very long, black hair with red highlights in it. She also has blue and green eyes. Juliet and Ichiru are both in home base.
"Are you O.K.? Did your parents hurts again?" Ichiru asked. Juliet got up from her seat and started to yell-
"You should know,YOU were there!! You live near, so you-"
"Juliet! Calm down, please." Said a girl.
This girl was tall, probley weighed around 80-100 pounds. She has shortish to longish brown hair and brown eyes.
"...I guess i can do that for ya,Dusty." Juliet said in a calmer voice.
"So, why is it that you only calm down when some one asks you, but you never calm down when i ask. Why is tha-"

Ichiru got interrupted by Juliet.
"You didn't even,even ask me to calm down, baka!!!(Baka means idiot or stupid, depending on what you're saying. Juliet used idiot.)"
"Ichiru, get away from Juliet otherwise she'll explode and i don't feel like having a very ticked off person this early in the morning. So shoo!"
"Fine, I'll go. Juliet you're such a-"
Juliet got so ticked off that she ended up punching Ichiru in the face. He now has a bloody nose.
"What was that for?!"
"It was 'cause you're being a retard, dadadur!" Juliet said. After the announcements were over, the bell rang.
"Now to go gym...ugh!"
"Quit complaining Juliet." Said a voice.
"Mokona!! You're heer!" Juliet screamed.
People were around,they herd, looked @ Mokona and Juliet weirdly.
" Yea...I'm heer. I'm always heer. Then again, i guess you're rite about the gym thing, Ihate gym 1st thing in da mornin'."
"Of cource I'm rite, when ever have i been wrong?...wait don't answer that."
" You've never been ri-"
" I told you not to answer that Mokona."

Juliet and Mokona walked the rest of the way to gym. Then to the locker room. Once the got out of the locker room first thing ya heer is,
"CHRUCH! HEY CHRUCH!" Thier whole gym class pretty much at once.( They were talking to Juliet.) Juliet just ecnored them and sat in her part of the floor. Next, Juliet's friend Kellie came over and and scared Juliet by taping her and yelling
"What?... AAHH! What was that for?" All of a suden the gym got quite. It was loud,really loud untill Juliet screamed. Juliet, Kellie, and Mokona started to giggle, then laugh, very loudly. The 3 shortly stoped laughing. The whole gym is now quite, it's an akward silance.
"Every akward silance a gay baby's born!" Juliet and Mokona said together. They thought that everyone would start to laugh but, that didn't work out...While gym was going on, Juliet probley got called "Church" at least 15 to 20 times, and that's just with'in a 90 min. period class.
Gym is now over.


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Mistress Echo
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Countless Chaos
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you seem pretty awesome so yeah. i guess ill be friends^^

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it doesnt matter^^ do whatever you wish


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i love dis pik!!!

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