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Occupation: Purging your deepest secrets from your head while you sleep.

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Who am I?

Hey people! What's up? Most people know me as Cassie, and I'm a teenage girl in the south-eastern U.S. I like Phoenix Wright, or, as my mom calls it, "that twerpy lawyer game." Yeah, it's a game with a lawyer, so what? It happens to be a lot of fun. And it's actually a series of (so far) 4 games, the Ace Attorney series. But that's enough about that. Anyway, I hope you're doing good, whatever side of the net you're on, and that (if you're old enough) you voted for Barack Obama and not that b***h Hilary Clinton.

Yours truly,


Other Things

I'm rather a strange person. I can't just tell you everything you need to know about me in one fell swoop, like some simpletons do. I'm ever changing. I never stay like a certain person. I'm still figuring it all out. Which I suppose is part of being 13. But a couple things I can tell you.
I'm weird and proud
I'm liberterian
I don't lie or use sarcasm to my friends, but anyone else, beware
I like reading and writing fantasy
I like Zelda and Yu-Gi-Oh
I like LP, Good Charlotte, and Simple Plan
I will die before I let myself be tied down by a man
I strive to be free
My fav colors are black, blood red and royal blue
No matter what anyone says, Phoenix and Miles are more than friends.
And I can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. Trust me, you want me as a friend.


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The Inner Workings Of My Heart

This journal contains poems, stories, ect., written by me. I put my heart into them, so I hope you enjoy them. Writing is my life, and I hope to become an author. P.S. Please comment. I do enjoy comments so very much. And PM me!


It's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Then it's freak'n hilarious!
I do not lie. When your heart has been ripped to shreds it's hard to live with lies.
Knowledge is the enemy of those that claim to be the sole caretakers and distributors of it.


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emoskatergirl77513 Report | 10/15/2008 6:03 pm
is that what ur avi really looks like?
Rooj Report | 10/31/2007 3:27 pm
You're amazing. <3
xryukx1515 Report | 10/14/2007 7:50 pm
I'm finished with the profiles... and the Prologue. Go ahead and read. Comment on what you think.
Numikea Report | 09/05/2007 6:44 pm
Yay! I'm your sister! Yippie! ^.^ *does a happy little dance that freaks peoples out*
-little-russian-prince- Report | 09/01/2007 12:47 pm
pssst... *taps* oHH! youve been. TAPPED?!

oh yes, tapped by the gay man. ehe. you must be pretty awesome User Image
I Speak Muffin Report | 08/30/2007 7:06 pm
I Speak Muffin
Ohh, hey *poke* I'm on your profile! *does happy dance* ^-^;;


None of the pictures on this profile are mine, unless otherwise specified. However, I don't know exactly where many of them come from, so I won't bother sourcing them.
I Speak Muffin

Some people say that the angel and the devil can't mix. I am afraid that I disporve this statement.

My sister, Aelora

Good Friends and Gaia Family



All men are guilty of something... Even I.

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