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Tired Boy

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Last Login: 03/14/2018 4:09 pm

Gender: Male

Location: in a pokeball

Birthday: 11/18/1995

Occupation: lazy student and artist


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| Kaden | 20 | Trans Male | Scorpio | full-time college student and part-time minimum wage slave | psychology major |

o Drawing
o Anime
o Cosplay
o Tumblr
o Cats
o RuPaul's Drag Race
o Cute avatar websites
o Sleeping
o Coffee & tea
o Reality tv
o Cute boys, cute girls, cute nb people, cute people in general
o Pokemon
o LoZ, Super Mario
o Horror movies
o Cute anime keychains & figurines


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Thoughts of a tired boy

This is probably going to be just tekteks honestly



20. Trans boy. Young adult dirtbag.
I like anime and RuPaul's Drag Race. [/size:2eac99fbc1]




Don't mind the noob background. I've been on this site for like 7 years lol...