ok I decided to update here after I found out I DO have some visits here

about me:

--name: *bleep*
--age: 21
--birthplace: Monterrey, Mexico
--birthday: september 23
--favorite food: All
--hobby: Reading, video games(figthing) Exercise
--more than a hobby: cooking
--dream: to have lots and lots of money...or open my own cafeteria and sell the best bread in my city (believe me it won't be that hard)

<3 smart people
<3 good video games
<3 Black teas (Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Oolong)
<3 exercise
<3 money
<3 Wine
<3 my yoyo
<3 Engelen (there it is)

D:< those who "don't get jokes"
D:< people with strong morals
D:< racists and homophobes
D:< "doing my best"
D:< animals with more than 4 legs (except octopuses)
D:< discussions about religion/politics
D:< inflation and devaluation
D:< watching TV

heart my friends
heart my luck in life
gonk sharks!

random PMs and comments are always welcome

personal quotes:
"No entiendo"
"chin Julieta!"

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Report | 09/24/2011 3:21 pm


Happy birthday, my old friend. I miss you a lot.

Report | 03/24/2011 1:11 pm


*sneak sneak...*
Kaze Akita

Report | 09/02/2010 11:09 pm

Kaze Akita

gracias por comprar hehe xd thank you for buying xp
Erica Strikes

Report | 07/20/2009 9:50 pm

Erica Strikes

Ah thanks. You're sweet.
I ambled off to Europe for a few weeks and now I'm trying to make my return to the WG.
Serith Moren

Report | 07/20/2009 9:01 pm

Serith Moren

Haha, yeah... I have been re-addicted with Gaia again. It comes in waves.

Well that is good to hear. Don't push yourself too hard, mkay? I am doing quite alright myself; looking forward to a camping trip this upcoming week. Should be fun. 3nodding
Serith Moren

Report | 07/20/2009 8:51 pm

Serith Moren

Hey there! Long time no see. How have you been recently?
Acey Face

Report | 06/19/2009 10:42 am

Acey Face

Thank you :'3
Acey Face

Report | 06/19/2009 9:54 am

Acey Face

Thanks for the buy. :'D

You helped me get my dream avatar!


Report | 05/18/2009 8:41 pm


Hi Stab~

Report | 04/26/2009 8:06 pm


thank you for the compliment


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