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this is bob the bunny.
put him on your profile so he can take over the world!
hay the name is i_luv_u_bby i am in luv with designer brands!!!mi favs are hollister, aeropostale,abercrombie,american eagle,and i think thats all. i also luv the mall i go about every weekend with some good friends

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Beffies Shopping Puppies
Music Volleyball Cheerleading

i live in hollistertopia,usa thats in the state of the best clothes. i luv all my the best soo silly..i have a destiny hokey and u will see a pic pf me on a merrygo round..yea dats me at the but w/e.i luv to make new friends so send me a request i never say no to new friends as long as u will talk to me im good!

u will never catch me talking about anime because i dont like it that much but ill watch it sometimes..i am the best friend u never very bubbly and sweet...but dont mess with me cuz i gots a mean a** attitude..i can be pretty harsh...

What I Want sad please donate)
Kappa PLush
Gwee the Dragon
Water Meat
Crinkle Drawstring Top Watermelon
Pink Sparkle Empire Dress
Flamingo Inner Tube
Baby Pink Torso Towel Wrap
White Tangerine Dot Dress
Red Snowflake Boxers
Red Checkered Apron
Dirty Martini
Black Flow Prom Dress
Kitty Slippers
MoMO the Monkey
Benny the Puppy
Piggy Plush
Chubbi Chicky
Chucky the Rubber Ducky
Go Phone
White Bun-Bun Plushie
Pink Sweetheart Teddy
Love Bird Plush
Happy Antenna Ball
MTV Black Designer Handbag
Pink PJ Slippers
Striped Red PJ Shirt
Striped Red PJ Pants
Heart Boxers
Rough Blue Jeans
Ska Spectrum Belt
Red Polar Expidition Pile Jacket
Leather Couture Boots
Antartic White Polyester Pants
Black Fishnet Stockings
Baby OInk Fuzzy Bath Slippers
Ebony Butterfly Terry-Cloth TubeTop
Red Tiger Print Speedies Bottoms
Gold Metalic Speedies Top
Gold Metalic Speedies Bottoms
Blue with White Trim Speedies Bottom
Ocean Cut Off Shorts
Jenny's Secretive Open Toe Shoes
Pinkbow Minidress
Soft Ivory Hoodie


heres a quiz i took at

Time Start:4:30am Name:Lily Do you like it:yes Have any nicknames:Lil How old are you:13 When's your Birthday:8/26 That makes your zodiac sign:virgo Your height: 5'3 Wow your taller than me: lol Your weight:97 Do you think your to skinny/fat:im perfect What's your best physical feature:idk What's your worst physical feature:idk What's the best thing about your personality:im very bubbly What's the worst thing about your personality:im mean sometimes What physical feature attracts you most to the oppisite sex:butt What personality trait attracts you most to the oppisite sex surprised utgoing Are you picky about who you date:no What did you want to be when you were younger:doctor Favorite pizza topping:cheese What is your favorite 'fast food' restaurant:rallys What's your greatest accomplishment:idk What do you spend most your time doing:talking Are you a farmer:no What state do you live in:aeroland What city:holliville What do you normally wear to bed:non yahs Favorite actor:channing tatum If you could marry anyone in the world, who would it be:channing tatum Why are you taking this survey:im bored What is your favorite sport:volleyball What's your favorite type of music:r&b What's your least favorite type of music:rock Favorite book:dont know When you're home alone, what do you do:get on either the phone or laptop How many people do you live with:5 Favorite movie:grease Where is your favorite local place to hang out at:mall or movies What kind of grades do/did you make:a's and b's What is/was your best subject in school:gossip Who's your celebrity crush:channing tatum Do you practice any type of religion:no What's your favorite thing to do:talk What's your least favorite thing to do:be bored If you could go anywhere where would you go:france Favorite actress:jenifer garner Do you have more dreams or nightmares:dreams When do you usually go to bed:anytime How many kids do you want/have:want 4 What are their/would you name them:i would name my girls Lily and Shayley and my boys Adam and Liam Favorite Ice-cream:chocolate Least Favorite ice-cream:vanilla Who's your favorite superhero:supaman Who's your least favorite superhero:batman Favorite sport to play:volleyball How many friends do you have:lots Have you ever been in a wreck:idk What color lipgloss/lipstick do you usually wear:pink Favorite sport to watch:gymnastics What's the last thing you bought from a Pharmacy:chapstick Coke or Pepsi:coke What color hair do you have:chocolate brown Do you like it that color:yea Favorite radio station:98.9 What size shoe do you wear:61/2 Do you wear make-up:yea Do you read books often:no Have you ever been in love:no Ever been to Paris:no Have you ever went bungee jumping:no Would you consider yourself racist:no Would you eat a cockroach for $500:yes Would you run past your crushes house nude:no True love or $100,000,000,000:true love Have you ever flown in a airplane:no How about ride a train:no Do you sing well:yea Do you rhyme good:yea Who is your most annoying family member:my brother What is your biggest pet peeve:idk Do you have any phobias:idk Do people think you're crazy:tay does When you listen to the radio, what kind of station is it normally on:98.9 Are you afraid of the dark:no If you could change anything about you what would it be:idk Do you believe in ghosts:yea What is the funniest joke you ever heard:suicidal blonde Do you believe in Vampires?no How many songs do you know all the words to:lots Do you live in the country, burbs, or city:city Do you believe in G**:yes Would you consider yourself 'popular':yea Whacha wearing razz JS How many people are on your buddylist:lots If you had to sum your life up with a song what would it be:idk As a kid, what was your favorite cartoon surprised swald Do you go hunting:thats mean to animals Do you care what you look like:yea Where's the last place you've been:living room Have you ever drowned a fish:is that possible Are you afraid of thunderstorms:yea What was your most painful experience:idk What was your most happy experience:idk Do you get dates easily:yea What color would you say you wear the most of:green What is your favorite type of gum:juicy fruit Do you get along with your parents:sometimes When's the last time you kissed anyone:idk What means the most to you out of everything in the world:my sidekick What's a big secret you have:im not telling Whacha eating:nothing Do you snore:no Have you ever been stalked:no Which familt member do you love the most:mah papaw Have you ever stolen anything:no Who do you get along with the best:mah papaw Do you have any medical problems:yea Have you ever been in a fist fight:yea Do you like jaw breakers:yea OMG did they break your jaw:OMG NO That's good:yea i know When you were a kid, what was your favorite movie:little bill movies Do you like gossip:i have an A in that subject Do you eat seafood:shrimp What is your bestfriend's name:tay Ever been suspended from school? If so, what for:no What label would you fall under:prep Do you even believe in labels:yea Punk or Prep:prep What is your worst habit:i bite my nails That's bad you should stop it:yes i know Who is your favorite friend:stubee and tay Ever drove while drunk:im 13 Who would you like to see run for president:ashton kutcher Would you call yourself independent or dependent:independent Did you ever/do you fall asleep in class:no Do you drink a lot or at all:sodas What's the last movie you've watched:the benchwarmers Who would you say you look up to:mah papaw Are you listening to anything right now:the benchwarmers menu music Have you ever lit yourself on fire:i burned myself wif a liter Have you ever thought about suicide:yes Have you ever attempted suicide:no How many people do you trust with your life:many Are you considered intelligent:it depends on who the person is A one peice swimsuit or two peice swimsuit:2 piece Cellphone or computer:cell phone How often do you take a shower:everyday That's good:yea Have you ever been in a talent show:everyyear What do you buy a lot of:shoes and clothes Do you go to camp:ew no Ever been camping:yea Double dates or just the two of you:just us Do you talk on the phone a lot:yea Indoors out outdoors:indoors Do you smoke ciggarettes:no Ever got a/get detention in school:yes Know people who belong to a gang:yea Have you ever belonged to a gang:no Shorts or jeans:shorts What's your favorite candy bar:babyruth When's the last time your parents spanked you:years ago Have you ever gotten beaten up:hell no Do you know how to cook:yea Do you know how to do laundry:yea When you get a pizza, how many slices do you eat:2 Have you ever broken a bone:mah fingers What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use:paul mitchell Gold or silver:gold Are your clothes mostly loose or tight fit:tite fit What's the last book you've read:idk Have any peircings:mah ears Have you ever faked being sick:yea Ever done something illegal:no What's the longest you've stayed up:24hrs What are your favorite board games:i have many Ever took ballet:no What's your favorite color surprised range What's your least favorite color:indigo Do you blow dry your hair:yea Regular ice or crushed ice:crushed Do you like to dance:yea Blue ink or black ink:blue Are you nice or a big meanie:nice Do you have Cable:yea Do you watch the superbowl:yea What do you live in:a house Bold or pastel colors:pastel Do you like surprises:no Shower or Bath:shower Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend:nope What is the craziest thing you've ever done:u dont wanna know What do you normally watch on TV:mtv vh1 or e! What's your biggest regret:idk Have you ever shot a gun:no Ever picked up a hitch hiker:no Ever been a hitch hiker:no What is your biggest fear:snakes spiders and mice Can you play a musical instrument:piano Are you afraid of dying:yea What is your normal Friday night like:the norm Do you have an accent:no but i wish Do you prefer public schools or private:public Do you have any stuffed animals:yea Do you keep a diary:no Do you have any 'special' talents:yea Is your name on any bathroom walls:no Do you sing to others:no Do you play any computer games:yea What is the last thing you ate:potatoes and carotts Where do shop the most:aero Where do you like to eat out:del friscos What brand do you wear most:aero Do you flirt with random guys/girls:no Whens the last time you showered:29mins ago Whens the last time you went to a wedding:idk Whens the last time you danced:idk Do you wear socks to bed:yea Whens the last time you made out:idk Do you sleep with the door open or closed:closed Whens the last time you went to a funeral:couple weeks ago Whens the last time you played twister:months ago Do you like to shop:YEA Whens the last time you slow danced:idk Do you sleep with a stuffed friend:sometimes Whens the last time you hugged someone:idk Do you like tomatoes:nooo Do you skate:yea Do you like the smell of gas:no Do bananas make you giggle:lol now they do Are you a female or male:female McDonalds or Burgerking:MD Do you like to pee in litterboxes and pretend you are a cat:ummm no Some people do, can't say I know any though confused ? What is your middle name:Marie Do you like the movie the notebook:yea Whats the last concert you went to:jonas brothers
Are there really more fish in the sea:i think so Do u know a dumb blonde:yes Have you ever had shark:no Are you single:yea Are you in love:no Do you know anyone famous:yes Is there a stop sign out your window:no Whats the last thing you did before you went to bed:idk Whats your moms name:Ericka Nice name:thnx Have you ever pee 'ed in a bush:no Are you really the sharpest tool in the shed:i mite be What was the last thing you said surprised k Do you have A.D.D:no Are you the brightest crayon in the box:yea Are you wearing socks:no What street do you live on:neptune ct What's your favorite food:ramen noodles Are you happy:yea Is your mother in the room at the moment:yea How old is your dog:shelbie is 4yrs and gizmo is 6mnths Are you having a good day:yea Does your Dads' brothers' wifes' daughter have brown hair:my dads bro doesnt have a wife or a daughter What kind of computer do you have:laptop How many speakers:idk Are you hot or cold:cold Ever been to I think you have an urge to click that, don't you:no Ever swim in the ocean:no Do you have the control button on your keyboard:yea Are you haveing cramps:no Whats the last you cried:idk Are you're parents talking about Thanksgiving:no Have you ever smelled a monkeys butt:ummm no Are you having potatoes for dinner:no but i did How many doors do you have in your house:idk Do you think this is boring:yea I knew it:lol Are you cozy or uncomfortable:cozy Are you tired or wide awake:tired Do you like Olive Garden:no Ever been to a Police Station:yea Ever been to a Trailer Park:no Do you like rainbows:yea Cause you know that's the gay sign, don't you:i dont care Have you ever been in a boat:yea Ever heard of Village Meana Inn:no It's a resteraunt surprised hh But you probably didn't know that because you've never heard of it:true How about a blister confused Do you have a vacuum cleaner:yea When's the last time you used it:idk How old are you mentally:21 How long does it take you get get ready in the morning:2hrs What time do you wake on weekends:8am What time do you wake up on week days:7am Do you find waking late nice or annoying:annoying Do you sleep with one pillow or two:2 Email Ever kept a secret from everyone:yea Ever had an imaginary friend:BillyBob Ever wanted to date a friend:yea Who have you known the longest out of your friends:idk Do you believe in the closet monster:no Favorite saying:Live.Laugh.Love. Favorite quote:idk What is right next to you right now:a chair What is your computer desk made of:wood How's the weather:dark How do YOU eat an Oreo:insides first What is your favorite car:benz

heres my fav joke:

there was a dumb blonde who got tired of hearing all the dumb blonde jokes so she was going to commit suicide.

she gets a rope and goes outside and finds a suitable tree.she proceeds to hang herself by the elbow.

a man walks by and says"ma'am what are you doing".she says "m hanging myself."

he says"well usually the ones who want to commit suicide tie the rope around their necks"

she says"duh,i tried that but i couldnt breathe"

lol aint it funny

peace bitchezz


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angiekklala Report | 08/26/2009 9:53 pm
happy birthday !!!!!!!!
cutie_Orihime Report | 06/06/2009 8:42 am
rite now
cutie_Orihime Report | 06/06/2009 8:41 am
get on now
Kitsy Kat Kay Report | 10/21/2008 9:07 am
Kitsy Kat Kay
LOL yeah i know
Ima noob XD
Kitsy Kat Kay Report | 10/18/2008 9:30 am
Kitsy Kat Kay
Lol I haven't been on here in ages either
No sowies I don't have myspace
Kitsy Kat Kay Report | 10/16/2008 12:52 pm
Kitsy Kat Kay
o: you forgot me?
Kitsy Kat Kay Report | 10/14/2008 12:20 pm
Kitsy Kat Kay
Heyy! how are youuu
BIinxx Report | 10/09/2008 9:22 pm
Chiikka Report | 09/28/2008 12:25 pm
heyya hunnii!!! =D
im_so_h0t Report | 08/27/2008 11:51 pm
happy ;ate b day




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