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Deathn0te017's "FAQs" for Dummies.
To lessen the Spams. =P

1. [Question]: How did you hack Gaia?
1. [Answer]: I did NOT hack Gaia.

2. [Question]: If you didn't hack Gaia, then what's the purpose of the video?
2. [Answer]: The purpose of the video is to let everyone know that finding a way to hack Gaia Online will just lead you into getting scammed.

3. [Question]: So, everyone's talking about this "Javascript". What is it?
3. [Answer]: I'm not going to give you guys any difficult definition. So to sum it up, Javascript can change pretty much everything on ANY web page. However, when you refresh the page, It goes back to what it was before. Javascript is NOT a hack.

4. [Question]: Can I save it? Can I save the javascript? Tell plzzzz
4. [Answer]: NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO. You CANNOT save it. There is NO way to save it. And to make it more clearer; NO.

5. [Question]: How exactly can I get scammed by trying to find "hacks"?
5. [Answer]: I know of two ways; #1 If you give your information to the people who claim that they are able to hack Gaia. and #2 By going to scam sites. Some websites can track your information. So don't just randomly go to any website; Especially the 'tinyurl' sh*t. >-> Unless you are fully aware of what you're clicking.

6. [Question]: Why not change the title of the video? People would more likely figure out if you we're to change it from "Gaia Online Hack" to something like "Gaia Hack Exposed" etc.
6. [Answer]: Because it's straight forward and It attracts more people. More Views = More Questions = More Educated People. =P

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Deathn0te017's Updates.
When boredom strikes.

Holy Mother Of Updates. HerpaDerp. Just saying hi.

Update for 2011 woot! Nothing to say, really. =3
I guess the update is that I changed the format for the updates section. =O
It's now in descending order! =D

This Year's update is totally random. I just wanna have one for this year. I'm still getting "how to hack" questions, surprisingly.

Updated Profile, Information added. Read it and stop pestering me with the same fracking questions.

S'been quite a while since I logged in my Gaia Account.. How're you guys doin'? Still clueless? Heh.. I'm sorry to let you guys down but I had to get rid of all the messages..; I didn't get the chance to read them all. If you have any further questions, re-send the message and I'd be more glad to answer. I apologize.

It's been almost a year and some most of you are still clueless. Is it really that complicating? Just watch the whole video. I said it's fake so don't bother hacking gaia. That's the whole point of the video. I just summarized it all in 1 sentence. Some of you are really dumb lol. I'm freaking sorry but i find it ridiculously stupid.

I do read Private messages and comments. I will reply if i can. Note that i would never reply to comments or PMs that involves questions about hacking and all that sh*t.

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Some information you don't need to know, but will post anyway. =3

I'm known as Deathn0te017, but you guys can call me "Death"; Really, the other characters aren't necessary. Unless of course you like typing. lol.
I made the video 2 years ago. I personally think that my Gaia Online video is lame. I hate the music that I've used, and I hate how I presented the whole thing. I've been meaning to upload a newer, clearer and brief version but I don't really want to lose those views(Even though they aren't very much, It's quite a lot.) and I'm also lazy. lol. I never expected to get that much views, to be honest.
That's pretty much all I have to say for now. See you guys and thanks for watching.