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Kokology - Week 1

A Desert Journey

Your desktop is spilling over with unfinished paperwork; the rest of the office has already gone home for the night. You look up at the clock and it laughs back. You wonder, with a sinking feeling inside, if this job will ever be done.
The professor drones on and on through a three-hour double lecture on the world's most boring subject. There's no space left for doodles in your notebook, and you're only thirty minutes into the class. You begin to think you've somehow been frozen in time.
Waiting can be a special form of torture, worse than any momentary pain. The combination of frustration and boredom can send even the bravest heart into a state of panic. Our first journey will bring us face-to-face with the infinite. Take a moment to prepare yourself, and enter the eternal desert...

1. You are riding a camel across the vast and empty expanse of a seemingly endless desert. You have ridden until you are near exhaustion. What words would you say to the camel that has carried you all the way?

My answer: "Good job."

2. Just at the point when you thought you'd die of thirst, a beautiful oasis appears. But someone has arrived before you. Who is this other traveler? (someone you know)

My answer: My father.

3. Time passes slowly in the desert, and it feels like an eternity before the lights of a town slowly appear on the horizon. You have finally reached your destination. What are your feelings as you come to your journey's end?

My answer: Triumph and relief.

4. The time has come to part with the camel you have ridden for so long. Just as you dismounts, a new rider climbs into the saddle to take your place. Who is the new rider? (name another person you know)

My answer: My older brother, Nick.

Wow, I have a feeling my answers are gonna bite me in the a**. I won't be reading the explanations until i post them next week.

Kokology - Explanations

The desert camel theme symbolizes the journey toward personal independence. Specifically, this scenario reveals your feelins about parting with a lover. Your answer show how you might react when the time comes to go your separate ways.

1. The words you spoke to the camel reveal what you might say to yourself when you realize love has been lost. Did you try word of encouragement like "We'll make it though somehow!" or "Don't worry, this can't go on forever"? Or was there a hint of despair- "We're lost... this is hopless... I think we are going to die out here"?

2. In psychological terms, the oasis symbolizes the key to solving one's problems. The person you encountered here could be someone who has helped or comforted you in the past or one you might turn to in times of need.

3. The town at journey's end stands for the order restored to your emotions once you've recovered from your broken heart. Your feelings upon reaching the town are your true feelings about finally getting over a lost love.

4. The new rider is a person toward whom you feel a secret rivalry, jealousy, or resentment. Is the person you named a rival in love or maybe someone who once broke your heart?

A few things about me...

I'm a 21 year old male from Buffalo, NY. My aspirations in life are to be happy, to make others happy, and help people.

My interests are far ranging although I myself couldn't tell you what all I'm interested in. I'm open minded and willing to try pretty much anything. I enjoy writing my own poetry, but I need inspiration to do so. Consequently, my writing has ground down to a very slow pace.

If you want to know more about me, read my first two journal entries.

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Lyrics Corner!

I'll be putting up lyrics over here, generally specific parts of songs with links to the full songs. What I put is not always to be taken in the context that the artist wrote it, nor should the things that come after be taken into account. I also change the words up sometimes. razz

Try to breathe, memories overtaking me.
Try to face them, but the thought is too much to conceive...
I only know that I can change, everything else just stays the same.
So now I step out of the darkness that my life became...

Staind - Fade

Feels so good to know that she's all mine, gonna love that woman til the end of time.

Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabbra

These are my words that I've never said before
I think I'm doing okay
and this is my smile that I've never shown before
Somebody shake me cause I, I must be sleeping...
I'm so afraid of waking, please don't shake me...

Staind - So Far Away

If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

I can stare into a thousand eyes
But every smile hides a bold-faced lie

It itches, it seethes, it festers and breathes
My heros are dead, they died in my head
Thin out the herd, squeeze out the pain
Something inside me has opened up again

Slipknot - Diluted

Drowning deep in my sea of loathing
Broken your servant I kneel
(Will you give in to me?)

Disturbed - Down With the Sickness

Carry me away
I need your strength
To get me through this
Dare to believe
Only one last time

Disturbed - Darkness

The wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns
Here I am
Will you send me an angel

Scorpions - Send Me an Angel

Don't have to bore you with details (i'll never let you down)
And every morning, the sun rise (will never let you down)
Oh I could hold you tomorrow (i'll never let you down)
When she's golden, the ocean (we'll never let you down)

Limp Bizkit - Down Another Day

Not even gonna quote from this one...I love the whole song.

Limp Bizkit - Hold On

for he still smiles...
and he's still strong
nothing's changed, but the surrounding bullshit that has grown

Pearl Jam - Off He Goes

Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone, empty inside, out of control.
My heart a void, my empty soul, until it's filled I'll never be whole.
How did things ever get so bad, sinking empty, full of despair
I find myself alone and scared, in a world where nobody cares.

Biohazard - End of My Rope

You've waited all your life for the pain to go away
And I've always hated to see you hurt inside.
So much I try to help but you push me away,
Lock yourself inside a world that makes you hate

You're not alone, there's so many others that care for you,
So many things in our lives you helped us all get through
It means so much to me that you're here to share in my life
And calm my tears, it means so much to me that you're alive,
As you hold my child and wipe the tears from your eyes.

Biohazard - Cycle of Abuse

It takes time
To heal the wound I've made along the way
If I'm blind
Open my eyes 'cause I need to see again

If I can feel again
Will you tell me now
Or wait til I'm broken down again
Save me now
I'm broken

Sevendust - Broken Down

'Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel right when you're gone away

Seether - Broken

And I am aware now of how
everything’s gonna be fine one day
Too late, I’m in hell
I am prepared now,
seems everyone’s gonna be fine
One day too late; just as well

Seether - Fine Again

It's hard to believe
That there's nobody out there
It's hard to believe
That I'm all alone
At least I have her love
The city she loves me
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all that way

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under the Bridge

People actually come here?

-Danger Zone-

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December 19, 1986... All Downhill From There.

The things I think about, the things I do, the things I see... maybe you will have a glimpse of them here. Maybe.


Kokology - The Game of self-discovery.
From now on I will be posting questions in the box below this from my Kokology books every 1-2 weeks (depends on how many answers I get, or if people bug me enough with comments) for people to read and/or answer. Post your answers as comments if you'd like!

A few things to remember / think about while playing Kokology:

1. Say the first thing that pops into your head.
These are generally the most accurate answers and will lead to the most appropriate deductions.

2. Don't try to predict the answers.
It's natural to want to try to guess the answers before hand, chances are it will only mess you up.

3. Be honest with yourself.
You will get the most accurate image of yourself if you are giving honest answers.

4. Keep an open mind.
Keep things in perspective. This is just a game, and it won't always be right. There are no correct answers, and more than one way of reading any given situation.
Izuna Yakumo Ran
Eleni Raine
Zero Fieran

Atzi taking over!