The name is Jc. I'm a freshman in college. Friends are kinda of a big deal to me. I hate being lied to and used. If you're going to try to use me in anyway, don't even waste your time talking to me because I don't play that game. Theatre is my life. Its my passion. Anything involving Theatre is important to me. I heart meeting new people so chat it up. Half the time, I have no idea what to do with myself. The other half, I'm too busy worrying about what other people think about me. So thats my life in a nutshell. Don't try to change me. People like me the way I am. I'll change when I feel like I need to change. And know that I'll never change because of a person. They might help me to change, but I'll never change because someone wants me to.I am who I am. Don't like it? Too bad. I'm just me. Deal with it.

For the Theatre Geeks of Gaia, here is what I've done in the last couple of years:
-Robin Goodfellow as Bottom
-The Good Doctor- Stage Manager
-Slave of Duty as a Pirate
-Little Women, the Musical- Set Crew, House and Publicity Crew
-Forbidden- UIL One-Act Play as Phonetus...failed out....
- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead as Horatio
- Road To Paradise: Song of Survival as a Guard
-Once Upon A Mattress as Butler, Set Crew, Poster and T-Shirt Designer
- Imaginary Invalid as Understudy to all male roles- UIL One-Act Play
-Here I Am- Student Produced Show
- Miracle Worker as Doctor Agnagnos, Scenic Designer
- Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind- Lights Crew, Spot-Light Op.
- Dracul, A New Musical as Renfield, Scenic Designer
-Red Clay Circle as the Judge - UIL One Act Play
-Little Shop of Horrors as a Dancer
-The Passion of Isabella as the Judical Vicar
-Hello, Dolly! The Musical as Townsperson, Citizen of Yonkers, Waiter, Cook #2
-The Women and Wolfgang as The Valet(Georg) UIL One Act Play
- Senior Showcase 2010 "Dancing Through Life and Death"
-Toy Camp as Jig

Also I'm on the Student State Board of Thespians for Texas
and I will also be attending International Thespian Festival as a national scenic design qualifier.

I'm kinda a big deal at my school :]


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CUTE profile.
It reminds me abit of someone elses..
i havent been on in forreevver.
I almost quit and was gonna give all my s**t away to random people..
But then i was like JC! he always asked for my s**t.
lol but then i got on.. and i missed it. ha and would you beleive it! Im not giving up on gaia.
Sorry man. Thought id letcha know.
&& looks to me like your doing pretty damn good.
=] ily .
haha youre kinda a big deal at your school? What school is that? lol jk.

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-Mr Rogers voice-
Hello there my neighbor...

XD ready for school yet? and it being your last year?

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hey J, how are you tonight? =0w0=
It Was Consensual

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It Was Consensual

thank you for buying, your purchase was very much appreciated. ^-^
An Unknown Kunoichi

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An Unknown Kunoichi

Thanks for the buy. ^-^

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Heya! Wow! I love the song Circus by Britney Spears!! XD Get on as soon as you can ^ ^

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Hi! Yeah It seems I am a little behind onh everything that has been going on, and now No one can tell I'm a boy. I'm kind of sad. I really don't know where and what to do...... HELP!!!!!! TT^TT

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Hey JC! Hows Christmas held up for yah? Cant wait to get back to school...wait, let me rephrase that. Cant wait to get back to Dracul! Lets make this Musical a Blast! Gtg cya and a Happy New Year too!

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race my man

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as in race dude


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