I'll do commissions for 40k.
40k - Headshots of Gaia avatars only. That's it.
80k - Fullbody drawings of Gaia avatars only.
Ask for prices on anything else.

Like anyone who still goes to school, and will for a very long time in pursuit of a PhD., my time is worth at least that much in fake money.

NOTICE: Commissions are closed! Bribes are always open though.

My extremely NEW examples are located [X] , [X] and [X].This style is by default, but if requested there may be alterations. To get a better idea of my current art skills, check out my DA account.

You will:
-PM me your request with literacy.
-Have your avatar the way you want it drawn, OR give me a reference from tektek.org or something.
-NOT bugger me to get it done, NOT bugger me to do something else, NOT bugger me to alter my price, and NOT back down once you've commissioned.
-Start a trade for the gold [priced as above] when I confirm I'll do your commission, but I won't start until you start the trade.
-Be sure to tell me any specifics that you wish for.

I will:
-Either accept or deny your request for art, depending on a number of things.
-Start the drawing once you've started the trade.
-I will draw the commission on paper, scan into the computer, and fix it up nice and pretty for you. Then I confirm the trade, and when the trade is done I'll send your art. Understand?

-I will not do hentai, shounen-ai, or shoujo-ai. Please don't ask for any.
-I do just ONE commission at a time, so you may have to wait.
-The size will be 500 pixels on its largest side unless otherwise specified.
-I prefer pure gold. Some items may be accepted, depending on their value and what they are. I really like evolving items, collectibles, and stuff I quest for.
-Botted, stolen, and any ill-gotten goods offered are as good as getting your arse reported, with complements, by me.
-PM if you want clarification on something or have a question and whatever.
-I reserve the right to close commissions! [If I'm working on one when I do that, though, I'll definitely finish it.]

Want something more than head shots and avatar art?
Check out the art of my good friend, Gilderoy P Lockhart, at
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belated happy birthday

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omg death where are youu
Radiant Racheal

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Radiant Racheal

omg you are Zee Captain. O: I love it! heart
Masao Inaba

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Masao Inaba

Yay! 8D~< *hug*
Radiant Racheal

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Radiant Racheal

You're welcome! 3nodding
Masao Inaba

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Masao Inaba

Nice user name. :3 *former fan of Yugioh*
Radiant Racheal

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Radiant Racheal

Happy birthday! :D
And if it's not... happy unbirthday! xd
Alec Ikiiki

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Alec Ikiiki

He's always been a favorite of mine.
Alec Ikiiki

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Alec Ikiiki

Love the Jareth pic in your sig.
TSM Santorin

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TSM Santorin

Thaaaankyoou fer buying. [Cigar] (: