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Death Faust IX

h t t p : / / k e n - s a m a . d e v i a n t a r t . c o m

h t t p : / / k e n g i n e. c o . c c

You can call me Faust or Ian
I am from the Philippines, am proud to be Filipino
I'm a self proclaimed genius
An Artist and Photographer
I'm in college, an Economics major

I'm born under the sign Aries
I posses most qualities of my sign
I'm born on the year of the Metal Goat
I like Astrology, for me it's fun
but I don't take it too seriously
My birthday's March 31

I think I'm smart
Though my grades won't agree with me
I know I'm not perfect
I have a lot of flaws
but to me I'm the King of the world
My World

If you ask me to choose
between the past, present and future
I'm one person who'd choose the present
I don't think a lot about what's ahead
I deal with what I can do now
and to me that matters more than aspirations

I do have a dream though
I dream of wealth enough for me
to live a simple and happy life
That day when instead of thinking
a lot about bills, I'd be planning
vacations with my family

As for my sexuality, I'm bisexual
I have been in a relationship with girls
I haven't been on a relationship with guys though

Others worry about how they'd lose weight
I worry about gaining them
I eat a lot, but my metabolism's just fast

I like Anime and Manga
but lately I haven't found enough time
My favorite anime would be The Law of Ueki
Tantei Gakuen Q is memorable
My favorite manga would be Monster
I like Liar Game and One Outs as well

I'm not an atheist
There are just some things in my religion
that I don't believe in
and some thoughts from other religions
that I consider

In general I like any kind of music
I just dislike a few sounds
I am avoiding rap and the very loud ones
I love music, but music
doesn't seem to love me back

I do not hate animals
I'm just not interested on dogs and cats
I'm interested on plants and insects

I do not like the cold weather
I prefer the summer heat
I prefer clear skies than gray clouds
I like taking pictures of clouds though


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I write about random things
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