My name is Lysette, i'm 17, a creative writing major. I would like to be called Kazumi, that is my characters name, which is also the name a friend of mine gave me. harmonious ( Exhibiting accord in feeling or action) beauty is what it means and i have it tattooed on my back along with a butterfly. I'm now a senior at Blake High school in Tampa florida. I was born and raised in Long Branch, New Jersey, where the rain is crazy and the snow is cold biggrin . I miss it up there, but things happen for a reason.

I want to become a model, might as well since i love picture taking and dressing up. I am a cosplayer and have been for the past 4 years. My first cosplay ever was L from Death Note and my latest one(s) is Sparrow from Fable 2, Miyavi, and Eevee from Pokemon. I'm a huge anime fan! You better believe it! They don't call me the anime god for nothing! lol! My dream is to open up a little store in tokyo, fashion wise since i come up with all these crazy ideas for clothes and such and hopefully as a graduation present from my mom's best friend Sherry, I will be able to go to Japan, also one of my dreams.

Hobbies, well, i love cooking, baking, cosplaying, photography, acting, modeling, writing, drawing, designing and raving biggrin and i forgot to mention make up. i love doing make up designs biggrin

But yeah, if you want to add any of my other sites i'm on, hit me up because idk what else to say XD. i have myspace, facebook, and myyearbook. so just message for them i don't bite.

~Lysette (Kazumi)


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User Image who's that pokemon??!! it's Eevee!

did i mention little sparrow likes to propose to women? biggrin

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yuuku dread

This is my Corey, my special someone. My Naruto, My Sora, My Inuyasha, My Tamoya, My Everything. <3

Sora x Kairi

Naruto x Hinata

Kagome x Inuyasha

Yuuku x Kazumi

Nagisa x Tamoya

My eeveelution family! :3

Corey and Lysette

my eevee cosplay

My OC Capitan Kazumi

My new Cosplay, Zed from Kiba

Corey is my Flareon

Dom (My Fric) is my Jolteon

I'm Eevee

Darcie is my Glaceon

Corey and I <3

Dom and I at our last Homecoming

Dom, Jas, Mandy, Bryan, Katie and I during Intermission and Dom's and I's Spring Reading

Danni, Kaylah and I cosplaying as Fai, Kuro and Kuro-doggie

We're known as Fric n' Frac

Kayla, my Espeon