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Name's Deana.
Where am I from? None of your business.
Cheese Burgers= heart
I hunt. Yeah I hunt got a problem with that?
Friends? I got my sister.
I love cheap motels. Best beds ever.
Ghosts? Demons? Monsters? Don't even bring them up.

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Want to know more about me?
Here you go:
Full Name: Deana Campbell (But loves her mother's maiden name so much I use Winchester.)
Birthday: January 24, 1979
Family: Daughter of Johanna and Mark Campbell, sister to Samantha, half sister to Adana.
Where's my name from: My grandfather, Dean.
Who's my angel: Her name's Castielle. Don't forget it.
Drives: I drive a '67 Chevy Impala.
Am I a vessel?: Yeah.....Michelle's....but I'm not saying yes.
Favorite Food: Duh....Pie.
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Deana is portrayed by: Amber Heard

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