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Gender: Male

Location: Utapau and its five moons

Birthday: 12/10

Occupation: Aquillian Ranger and a Jedi


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Above the planet Utapau and its five moons, a rebel starfighter fled three pursuing Imperial Stardestroyers. One of the Imperial cruisers exploded, but the Rebel craft was damaged .

Within the damaged Rebel ship were two droids, Threepio and Artwo. The smaller droid led his counterpart toward a corridor. A barrage from one of the Stardestroyers blew a hole in the ship, and Threepio was covered in debris. The Captain, Deak Starkiller, an Aquillian Ranger and a Jedi, arrived and checked on the hapless robots. He informed his officers that to expect a boarding party, and that a Sith knight was with them. Deak sensed him in the Force.

Deak ordered a group of R2 units into the ship's lifepods to seek help from his younger brother, Luke Starkiller. One of those sent was Artoo, who took Threepio along. Stormtroopers swarmed onto the Rebel ship, and started attacking the crew. After a firefight, Darth Vader, clad in an armored spacesuit, entered the vessel. He flung objects and fragments of the ship at Deak using the Force, battering the young Ranger. Finally, Vader drained Deak of his life force and the Rebel passed into unconsciousness. Vader believed he had captured the Son of the Suns and had averted defeat for the Bogan.

Artoo projected a hologram from Deak explaining that Luke must take the Kaiburr Crystal, which was under the care of Owen Lars, to Ogana Major, where the Empire was attacking the world. The Starkiller, father of all four Starkiller brothers, was defending Ogana, but they needed the Crystal to protect against the Bogan and its minions. Owen believed that Deak would have been taken to the Imperial capital of Alderaan. Though Luke's training was incomplete, and his heart was set on becoming an archaeologist, he took up the mission. He visited his mother's grave site that evening, and explained to his younger brothers the history of the Jedi and the rise of the Empire.

With the Kaiburr Crystal, Luke and the droids took a landspeeder to Mos Eisley. As they made their way there, Luke scoped out a pursuer, the Tusken, with his binoculars.

In Mos Eisley, Luke made contact with Han Solo, a young space pirate. Solo came to his aid when a fight breaks out in the Mos Eisley Cantina, though Luke's laser sword was more effective than Solo's laser pistol. In exchange for a million credits on delivery, Solo would get Luke to Ogana Major. As it transpired, Solo was deeply in debt to Oxus, the captain of a TDF104 docked there.

Faking a reactor malfunction, Solo hijacked Oxus's ship. Only three other crewmembers stayed with them: Montross Holdaack, the science officer, a cyborg, and Chewbacca, the Wookiee. The ship blasted off from Mos Eisley and headed into hyper-skip to Ogana Major.

But their destination was no more: Ogana Major had been destroyed by the Empire. How, was yet a mystery. Luke directed Han to pilot the ship to Alderaan, in hopes of rescuing Deak. The ship docked on the floating city and Luke and Han stole stormtrooper armor as a disguise. Chewbacca would be their "prisoner". They found Deak, now dying from his torture, and carried him off, escaping both the garrison and strange Dai Noga creatures. As they blast out of the Imperial capital, four TIE fighters followed them. Luke used the Kaiburr Crystal to keep Deak alive.

As they arrived at their destination, the moon Yavin 4, site of the secret rebel base, they found that an immense space station had tracked and followed them. Ejecting from the pirate ship, the heroes landed on Yavin in lifepods. On Yavin is the Massassi outpost, where they were debriefed. General Dodana explained the dangers and weaknesses of the Death Star.

Miraculously, The Starkiller, Luke's father, survived the destruction of Ogana Major. With the Crystal, the ancient Jedi is revived. He explained that Luke would complete his training with him.

Luke joined the strike force assembled to attack the Death Star, but despite a payment of 8 million credits, Han declined to help. With Bail Antilles, Artoo and Threepio, and the Crystal, Luke flew his fighter toward the space station. Other Rebel pilots targeted the station's poles.

Darth Vader, however, sensed the Crystal, and pursued Luke with his personal starfighter. He was about to destroy Luke and his crew, but unexpectedly, Han, Montross and Chewbacca attacked him, saving the young Jedi. Vader piloted his ship into the pirates' craft, dying, but seriously damaging the larger vessel.

Luke was able to maneuver the Rebel ship into position, and Antilles and Threepio fire the turrets into the exhaust port. The Death Star exploded as Luke's ship flew past a lifepod from the pirate ship; Han and his crewmates had survived.

The Empire had suffered a serious defeat.

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Galen Marek A.K.A StarKiller:

Galen Marek was a powerful Force-wielder born on Kashyyyk during the Dark Times to Jedi survivors Mallie and Kento Marek. His mother died defending her family from Trandoshan slavers, and his father was executed by Darth Vader after they were discovered. Marek himself was abducted by the Dark Lord and taken on as his secret apprentice. Given the code name Starkiller by Vader, Marek forgot his life with his parents, his earliest memories being his tutoring under Vader. The Sith Lord's brutal training regime forged Starkiller into a powerful Force-sensitive, and Starkiller was utilized by Vader as an assassin, dispatching the Dark Lord's rivals and enemies. To aid in his missions, he was provided with Cloaking device-equipped light transport, the Rogue Shadow, along with a pilot, and the personal holodroid, PROXY. PROXY became Starkiller's only constant companion and friend, despite the former's programming to continually attack him with lethal force, part of Darth Vader's training regime. The pilot position on the Rogue Shadow had a high turnover rate, as they were either killed in the field or executed by Vader.
As Starkiller's training neared completion, Vader set him with his first test; to hunt down and kill the Jedi survivor Rahm Kota. He also acquainted himself with his new pilot, Captain Juno Eclipse. While Starkiller defeated Kota, he failed to kill him, though Starkiller concealed this from Vader. Dispatched on a variety of other Jedi hunting missions by the Dark Lord, Starkiller completed them with brutal efficiency, all the while growing closer to Juno Eclipse. Finally, Starkiller was summoned by Vader to fulfill his purpose; help Darth Vader assassinate Emperor Palpatine, Vader's own Sith Master. However, it was in truth a ruse; Palpatine had discovered Starkiller's existence and ordered Vader to execute him. Starkiller was impaled and spaced, though his body was collected by Vader's droids.

Starkiller was taken to Vader's science vessel, the Empirical, his body revived and rebuilt. During this period, Starkiller was known as Subject Zeta or Subject 1138. Awakening from six months of unconsciousness, he was given a new mission by Darth Vader; to create an alliance of Imperial dissidents and rebels to distract the Emperor, allowing Vader and Starkiller to catch him unawares. With PROXY's help, Starkiller escaped the Empirical, rescuing Juno Eclipse while at it, she having been branded a traitor due to her association with Starkiller. Starkiller kept Juno in the dark as to his reason for gathering the rebels, though she became a full participant in its completion. Their first action was to retrieve Rahm Kota, to obtain his contacts and connections. The now depressed Kota, having been blinded during his duel with Starkiller, didn't recognize him, and joined his entourage. As they went about created the Rebel Alliance, Starkiller became conflicted, growing close to his allies while becoming increasingly disillusioned with the Empire, and he began to consider earnestly leading the Rebels against the Empire, abandoning the Sith. However, before he could take any such action, Vader sprang his trap.

When the Rebel leaders were gathered on Corellia to officially declare rebellion against the Empire, Darth Vader arrived with the Imperial Military at his heel and captured all the major players. He revealed to Starkiller that his entire mission had been a sham; nothing more than a tactic to gather all the rebels in one place so as to bring them down quickly. Vader also revealed that he had no intention of using Starkiller to assassinate the Emperor, and moved to execute him. PROXY stepped in and attacked Vader, allowing his master to escape before being disabled. With this final betrayal, Starkiller was finished with the Sith and the Empire. Retaking his birth name, Galen Marek decided to rescue the rebel leaders. Using the Force to track them to the incomplete Death Star I, Galen and Juno kissed for the first time before he leapt into the superstructure. Battling his way to the Emperor's observation dome where the rebels were being held, Galen engaged Darth Vader in a Lightsaber duel, defeating the Sith Lord. Palpatine gleefully offered Marek the chance to execute Vader and replace him as Palpatine's apprentice. While Marek struggled with the decision, Kota escaped from the guards, stole Palpatine's lightsaber and attacked the Emperor, though Palpatine easily fended him off. However, this prompted Marek to attack Palpatine. Marek refused Palpatine's command to execute him, and give in to his own darker nature, instead sacrificing his life to save the rebels, who were extracted by Juno.

Galen Marek died in a massive explosion of Force energy brought on by his battle with Palpatine. The severely injured Vader and Palpatine found his body, lamenting that his sacrifice had made him a martyr to the Rebel Alliance. In honor of his sacrifice, the Alliance took on Marek's family crest as their emblem. Darth Vader, now aware of Palpatine's desire to replace him with a more able apprentice, collected Galen Marek's body and cloned him, creating numerous aberrant monstrosities and two stable clones, Starkiller and the Dark Apprentice.

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