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This is Me

My name is Amanda, but my friends call me Kitty or Kitten.

I am 19 years old and I am attending my second year of college. I am about 5' 3" with dark brown hair and brown eyes. My favorite colors are purple, green, and black. I love music, drawing, singing, and writing.

I have experienced a lot of pain. None that is worth mentioning, because it was caused by love. Love is a very lovely thing, but right now it feels like claws ripping at my chest in order for them to tear out my heart and crush it right before my eyes. I know I'm being childish and pathetic, but sometimes I can't help but express how I feel through words. I can only hope that I can be saved by love.

One of my many flaws is that I can become very possessive. I don't like it when I feel like people, who are special to me, are being taken away. It causes me to act a little hostile and I say things I don't mean.

I pray that one day I will find a Lord who shall love and treat me like a Lady.

~~~~~~~**Song for My Heart**~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~**Thank You**~~~~~~~~~~

I'm not that interesting, but if you really want to talk to me or wish to find out more about me just PM me.

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Kevin is my King <3