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Best Band Ever!
R.I.P. Paul Gray

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What I Wear. DONT BITE MY STYLE!!!!!


I Want! I Want! I Want!........this crap.

The Ugly Truth.....or not so ugly.

Stuff you should know
-my control over my temper can be be almost exactly like my sanity, non-exsistent
-as one of my T-shirts says "I'm lazy, loud, obnoxious and rude, BUT I'M FUN!!!" XD
-don't always expect an imidiate reply from me when PMing me, im usually at work, reading online manga, watching TV, or playing video games. To be honest, I'm not very punctual(I think thats how they spell it)
-to be blatantly honest, I don't spell all that well(hence my previous remark in parenthesis XP)
-I can be quite annoying, but I try not to be, thats why, while in gaia chatrooms (which I'm barley in anymore) I usually stick to myself alot
-I don't condone violence, even though it amuses me to no end (I'm a living contradiction). But, if someone I know personally is being harrased, I don't stand idly by, in short I hate bullies (has a past experience with them, doesn't want to get into it....W00T third person sentence XD)
-Lastly, even though I seem to hate and/or don't want to know anyone, I do, I like having friends, just like everyone else. So don't get me wrong, I am insane, but I don't like isolation all that much (even though I like being alone in the dark, another contradiction) fun fact:I submited this while being alone in the dark XD



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Spike_Fury1987 Report | 04/08/2008 2:20 pm
My avi is in the arena this week, please vote?! User Image
Sammyelf Report | 01/12/2008 9:39 am
awww come on man you said so yourself...

I have no brains! XD
Spike_Fury1987 Report | 09/04/2007 2:04 pm
Sorry bot the no call/no show, been working my a** off. Dude . . . we serously need to talk
Texasgirl8803 Report | 05/01/2007 1:35 pm
Send This To All Ur Friends,
And Me If I Am 1.
If U Get 7 Back U R Loved

1-3 u r a bad friend
4-6 u r a ok friend
7-9 u r a good friend
10-& ^ u r a great friend

Texasgirl8803 Report | 04/25/2007 12:23 pm
ello wut u been ^2
BreakerKnight1987 Report | 04/23/2007 7:24 pm
Your pix are ******** sick!!! xd OGMINVADERZIM!!! rofl
Spike_Fury1987 Report | 04/18/2007 8:38 am
You talk to someone to challange them, I talked to the guy I'm battling now. You don't wait, you challange them. . . . kinda like a xaolin showdown(for lack of better words). sweatdrop See if the other people who left comments in the forum wants to rumble with ya. =3
Spike_Fury1987 Report | 04/15/2007 2:04 pm
Forum BATTLE!!!! xd See the details via the ink below and participate if interested
Spike_Fury1987 Report | 03/28/2007 5:05 am
Squishy FEET!!! xd
Spike_Fury1987 Report | 03/09/2007 8:55 am
Sup, what's new with you?
Deadman X