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I'm Uh-Lee-Shuhh. Alicia.
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I'm different
but then again, everyone is different.
yet, everyone is so much the same.
Okay, lets try this again.

I'm a human being.
i have feelings;please dont hurt them.
i have dreams; please dont crush them.
i believe in love; it keeps me going.
i'm a living,breathing,loving,wanting,talking,feeling,walking, human being.

Im Alicia

{sidenote; Im rarely on. even though i have met some of the best people on here, i have outgrown this entire experience. thank you all for bein who you are. and keep on keepin on (: <3 alicia }

Lets talk ?
AIM ;; BAMLetsDancexx
MSN ;;



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Psycho_Princess14 Report | 05/16/2010 6:59 pm
Hey there. (:
Your signs look sick.
Psycho_Moofin Report | 03/24/2010 2:00 pm
good. i havent ben on this crap for like 4 years.
Kadulin Report | 03/03/2010 5:20 pm
You e ver tought you would see my Avy post here again ? ^^
Psycho_Moofin Report | 02/17/2010 8:51 am
I have returned form the grave!!!!!!!!!!!!
MissyCheer060394 Report | 02/14/2010 9:58 pm
yes it sho' be (:
i used to play this all the time,
and i can't remember if i saw you post something about it on facebook or not
butttttttttttt i wanted to say hi (:
Metal_Beard_Jesus Report | 12/05/2009 10:02 pm
And also blushing now>.<
Metal_Beard_Jesus Report | 12/05/2009 10:00 pm
Im rather proud of that analogy =3
Metal_Beard_Jesus Report | 12/05/2009 9:55 pm
This thing is huge its like an orange narnia
Metal_Beard_Jesus Report | 12/05/2009 9:53 pm
now im a smoking squished orange YYYAAAYYYYY
Metal_Beard_Jesus Report | 12/05/2009 9:50 pm
I look like a partly squished orange>.<

Lets dance (:

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-I'm alicia.
i like oddball things.
i'm younger than you'd think
i believe in miracles.
and love.