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musik and life <3

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i am james. ;D im 16 im bi and emo ;3 im taken <3 .. um ._. myeh favorite colour is um... >.< well i dont have one :b but this is meh profile i love to watch family guy, the simpsons and ect. ;D and if i dont know you get off my page =.=

emo doesn't mean u cut.
emo doesn't mean ur gay.
emo doesn't mean ur suicidal.
emo is real.
emo is people.
emo is everything.
emo is a label.
emo is being free.
free to be you.
free to express.
emo is just a word.
*Are not cry babies
*Do not always wear black
*Can be very nice people
*Don't always cut themselves
*Are not always depressed
*Can be happy too
*Are normal people just like you
(Put this on your profile if you agree with this)
Hve Nice Day
Love U All

meh buddies

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Mar Muffin Report | 09/09/2013 9:35 am
Mar Muffin
Byebye n-n;
Cleaning up my friendslist, so message me if you are still interested in being friends~!
tisjusslina Report | 08/10/2010 2:56 pm
hello : D
1mzprettybadcatgirl Report | 07/12/2010 9:55 pm
cappthebest Report | 10/23/2009 2:43 pm
dude dont get all defece on me but what is the point of being emo?
deathz note Report | 10/11/2009 1:24 pm
deathz note
heyyyyy i know u mish me!!!lolz just kidin how ya bin????i got 2 new piercings and there hella awshome!!!!i have ur # and u forgot 2 send me a bday gift liked u siad u would
lolz just ******** witcha hahatell ur mom i siad hiizzz
dont forget i am ur cuz and lovez u!!!!!
o yea wont be on often soooooo ive bin "busy"
lolz guess thatz it ketcha later
(ps.let me know who hacked u so i kan beet there asss!!!!!)
(pss.hella pimp backround!!!)
IEnjoyMolliesVagina Report | 10/10/2009 5:34 am
yes i do :3
i mean who could resist that gorgeous body??
seriously though lol
x-HisAngel Report | 10/09/2009 8:08 pm
ok why a girl avi
nom- nom- nom x3 Report | 10/09/2009 7:48 pm
nom- nom- nom x3
y the fudge r u a girl o.O
Ms Jiizz Report | 10/09/2009 5:42 pm
Ms Jiizz
k speedway
jesse n love
Ms Jiizz Report | 10/09/2009 5:40 pm
Ms Jiizz
i dont see it
nom- nom- nom x3
Splattered Organs
Ms Jiizz
Dear Rowa
Carnival Bunny

i say slipknot you say sublime, i say black you say red, i say emo, you say im weird, you say im weak i kick your a**, i say japan you say alaska, i say cat you say dog,i say converse you say nike, you say you won the battle... but guess what? i won the war.

my gaia family. >3