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"How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think. "
-Adolf Hitler

"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it."
-The Breakfast Club

"History was written by those who hanged the heroes."

"I am ready to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared to meet me is another matter."
-Winston Churchill

"Boy, there's a demon for everything!"

"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
-Walter Bagehot

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."
-Albert Einstein

"The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life."
-Andrew Brown

"We enjoy the night, the darkness, where we can do things that aren't acceptable in the light. Night is when we slake our thirst."
-William Hill

"Maybe this world is another planet's Hell"
-Aldous Huxley

"Death is a mystery and burial is a secret."
-Stephen King

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing."
-Edmund Burke

"The darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us. It is the darkness in your own heart you should fear."

"Not all those who wander are lost."
-J.R.R. Tolkien

"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die."
-Leonardo Da Vinci

"Evil draws men together."

"Life is anything that dies when you stomp on it."
-Dave Berry

"Hell is the possibity of sanity."

"Death destroys a man, the idea of Death saves him"
-E.M. Forester

"Evil is a point of view."

"There is no flying without wings."
-French Proverb

"Strength is the ability to break a Hershey's Chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands and then eat only one"
-Judith Viorst

"If I die, I forgive you, if I recover, we shall see."
-Spanish proverb

"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper"
-Robert Alton Harris

"All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of one small candle."

"Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven."

"The day that I die will be the day that I shut my mouth."

"Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before."
-Mae West

"If you don't run your own life, somebody else will."
-John Atkinson

"If ever you should need my life, come and take it."
-The Sea Gull

"Can I Keep You?"

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."
— Cicero

"Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results."
— Albert Einstein

"So many books, so little time."
— Frank Zappa

"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
— Oscar Wilde

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow."
— Mark Twain

"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much."
— Oscar Wilde

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere."
— Albert Einstein

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
— Mark Twain

"A person's a person, no matter how small."
— Dr. Seuss (Horton Hears a Who!)

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse."
— Thomas Stephen Szasz

I am not a dark person and I don't consider myself dark.
-Tim Burton

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The Lord Ruthven Report | 12/01/2012 10:22 am
The Lord Ruthven
Are you going from Gaia for good. That would be a shame. Good luck on your travels.
Ai Valentine Report | 03/01/2012 7:27 pm
Ai Valentine

bunny will buy your sealed advance chance March 2012 for 700k, reply soon if you interested.
Mego76 Elite Report | 01/24/2012 9:55 am
Mego76 Elite
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/08/2012 3:12 pm
oh nice
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/08/2012 11:36 am
nice are you good at soccer??
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/08/2012 9:43 am
np ^^ so hows your day???
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/07/2012 3:54 pm
yeah true ^^ im happy to heart that your okay ^^
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/07/2012 3:48 pm
^^ but are you okay *hugs*
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/07/2012 3:45 pm
is just me ^^
-iskylinesi- Report | 01/07/2012 1:44 pm
yeah you better XD i dont like to see people sad for people that hurt them

Life Sucks. Then you die.


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