My name is De

I'm not exactly a good person, but I try.
In college. Yay?
Oh um...I am in America finishing my last year instead of my home country of Singapore.
I'm gay, though I don't really see why it matters. I guess I'm sort of feminine. >///< I have been described as "shota"

I'm 22 and searching. I am single, but maybe not searching for a partner.
Searching, for what, as you can see, I haven't quite figured out. Ah aha
I don't know what to do with my life, to be honest.
I'm a complicated person and I can get very shy. I'm a little awkward about making friends.u/////u
I love art, though! I love friends and if you know any good music, I would love suggestions for me to listen to.

PM or Comment?
I get lonesome by myself u__u


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Someone needed to see these muffins I made.

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Hello De!
I hope your Homework Sunday is going well.
I wonder if you are napping, at the moment it's about 5:40pm your time. ^^
Just typing that is making me tired. =___=

Is it still snowing?
I hope we three can talk on the phone again when it isn't snowing! :3


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Yannick told me that he would lock you into the bathroom until you agreed. XD

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De, Stay away from the bathroom.

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I haven't talked to you at all today! D;
How are you?

I did talk to Yannick for about 2 hours. It was nice. I'm glad to hear he's better. DD;

Kendra and I just finished talking on Video Call on MSN. It would have been great to hear from you two guys as well.

I hope you are well and sleeping well. xD
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Yannick tells me you are sleeping, lol

I hope you enjoyed it! Since.. you would... be awake when reading this.....hopefully.
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I think it's very pretty, tehe.

Yes, I finished it during first period and turned it in during second
DD: Now, I want to make some green tea and enjoy being home! I hope I get to talk to you soon!

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Good Afternoon De! :3

It's okay, I promise. n_n

Can you or Yannick balance this for me?
C8H10O + O2 ---> CO2 +H2O

It was one of the problems on my Chem final. Dx I couldn't figure it out, so I left it blank. v__________v All I know is that it is a Combustion Reaction. lol. There's 5 points. xDD

My room was so cold again last night. x_x I think I received about 6 hours of sleep. It's okay because I had Dr. Pepper for breakfast. lol.

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De! I love your background. It mooooves. It is 7:16am here in Texas, and I am soo tired. I have to finish my homework! Ahhh!
Your avatar is adorable! Tehe.
I can't wait to talk to you later, buh-bye.

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@-@;; I'm getting dizzy from the background..


I would very much like art! n.n consider me, please?