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cat_ninja I'm a man. I'm on GaiaOnline for the ever-changing avatars, especially merfolk avi's, & I'm here to have fun, do dailies, & find more merfolk stuff. There's a pic link somewhere in my profile. I do enjoy " VERY-Random" comments, PMs, & quote backs.
cat_whee gaia_star emotion_awesome yum_candycorn gaia_merduck emotion_rainbow

emotion_hug Oh, & please ask me about my "One of a kind" HUGS. emotion_jawdrop
(It's an RP-styled Hug, FYI.)

And my Tumblr is dead. Last edit Sept 22, 2021.



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Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 12/04/2023 9:35 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
are you feeling tired? emotion_hug

i worry for the day Florida and Texas join forces, and out-Alabama Alabama...
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 12/03/2023 8:19 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
the FNaF movie is great and appeals to the fans.

...yeah, they try but somehow Marjorie Taylor Greene still has stupid amounts of power...
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/30/2023 9:27 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
so you seen the FNaF movie? yay!!! emotion_hug

not even people in FL want to be in FL...or at least the smarter ones don't.

Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/29/2023 9:01 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
...please get more than that... i don't want to find out you're actually a Florida Man and, in your sleep deprived mind, try to destroy the Disney World mascots because you're afraid that FNaF was actually about them.
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/28/2023 10:23 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
you need much more sleep than that...
Dippa Doll Report | 11/28/2023 4:51 pm
Dippa Doll
hiiii whee
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/26/2023 10:05 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
if you can... do with what works, but you need more rest.
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/24/2023 9:07 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
emotion_hug i'm sorry you didn't have a good day.
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/23/2023 10:37 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
eek ...Happy Thanksgiving...

that doesn't seem very healthy...
Wicked Warlocc81 Report | 11/22/2023 10:46 pm
Wicked Warlocc81
...how is being in lots of pain better one day?

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About ME:

* Updated: June 4, 2013. *

My Name: Carlton, like the fresh prince of Bell Air.
My Age: Alive or something starting in 1971.
Location: Southern California or SoCal
Quote: "One man can make a difference." -Knight Rider

Me In One Sentence:
Moving on is all i have left.
She block me Again. Figures.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 315, lots of muscles, with a big belly
Hair: Pepper with Salt
Eyes: Brown
Status: Single not really looking
Personality: I'm Very friendly, & I love to socialize.
Orientation: Sexual; & I prefer girls.
Favorite Color(s): Rainbow
Coke or Pepsi: Home brewed Iced tea

L i k e s:
Mismatched clothes (socks)
Fashion in general

D i s l i k e s:
Being Ignored; unliked; lied to;
laundry, my sister, my health

As for me IRL:
I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or believe in god. I Love Catgirls, mermaids, dragons, faeries.

About My Avatar (RP INFO):
I'm a Lamp-less Anthropomorphic Genie. I love my Avatar, and now a collector of plushies, animals, and Mystical creatures.

My characters name is DC. I love to role play, but not here on Gaia. So DC here is very neutral, almost helpful, and kind. His history is one of lose and sorrow, but I have a theory on how genies magic is so powerful, but thats not for here.

OMG! I love Gaia for the Avatars.
Especially my own. All merfolk Avi's are wonderful.
Catgirls are fun too.

Reply Please! Or comment/message me; i normal check in on Gaia daily or more....


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-I'm a Lamp-less Genie. So, be very careful about what you wish for with me. This lamp is my Old Lamp.

I love Comments!