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During the time when Heggra ruled the planet, Apokolips, her son Darkseid secretly married the love of his life, the sorcerous, Suli. Heggra never approved of Suli and didn't like her from the start. For some reasons, it's because Darkseid married her behind her back and because Heggra herself didn't choose her. She originaly chose Tigra to be wed to Darkseid. Queen Heggra then hired the lackey, Desaad, to murder Suli. Desaad waited for the right moment to do this. During the time he waited, however, Suli gave birth to a son. She and Darkseid called the boy, Kalibak. It was soon after when Desaad succeeded in poisoning Suli.
Ever since Kalibak was young, the only thing he wanted to do was please his father. With Suli dead and Darkseid being forced to marry Tigra, this was hard to accomplish. During his marrige with Tigra, however, Darkseid fathered another son, Orion. From this time on, it became apparent that Orion was always going to be Darkseid's favorite. Darkseid wouldn't even give Kalibak the privilege to call him "father". It wasn't until he was an adult that Kalibak learned Orion was his half brother. Kalibak and Orion have undergone trumendous and often horrific battles for supremecey. Both of their going into battle are for different reasons. Orion's is for a good cause (most of the time) and Kalibak's is to gain Darkseid's approval.
Special Powers Force
When Kalibak was young, his father had him placed in his Special Powers Force. He was one of the best warriors in the Force. It soon became apparent that Kalibak's savagery couldn't be matched by anyone on any planet.
Being Darkseid's son, Kalibak is Darkseid's second in command and heir to the Apokoliptian throne. Because of this, a very jealous Desaad constantly tries to antagonize and decieve Kalibak into doing things that will make Darkseid see even less in him. In one attempt to gain his father's respect, Kalibak tried to murder his brother Orion, but failed. In order to cover it up, Kalibak was forced to murder Desaad, who threatened to tell Darkseid of his secret faliure. Darkseid of course found out and killed his son. Eventually he resurrected both. Kalibak once was tricked by Desaad to go and fight The Man Of Steel, Superman, to gain honor and also his fathers approval. Kalibak underestimated Superman's powers in that he didn't beat him as he thought he would. Darkseid doesn't tolerate mistakes and he sends his son away with his Omega Beam.

Kalibak was seemingly killed by Tawky Tawny during Final Crisis.
Superman: The Dark Side

In the Elseworlds tale, Superman: The Dark Side, which details what would have happened had Kal-El landed on Apokolips to be raised secretly by Darkseid, Kalibak is still the biological son of Darkseid and Suli. He is killed by Superman in gladiatorial combat in the "killoseum" at Darkseid's behest, as Darkseid's way of revealing Kal-El's existence to the denizens of Apokolips.

Powers and Abilities

New God Physiology: These New Gods have evolved due to their close proximity to the Source, a primeaval energy, believed to be one of the ultimate foundations of the Universal Expression of Energy, along with their superior technology, into beings of genetic stability and evolutionary perfection. The denizens of New Genesis are stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same.

Immortality: The New Gods, is functionally immortal, having ceased aging physically near the age of 30. Unless they fall in battle, they are immune to the ravages of time, and could easily live for thousands upon thousands of years.

Invulnerability: They are resistant to blunt trauma like punches, kicks, and blows from weapons like bats and maces, though not -completely- immune; unless the blows a dealt by a being with similar or greater strength, there just isn't a chance of injury. However, this invulnerability does not extend to bullets, laser-blasts, or other piercing/slicing weapons - their invulnerability is more akin to that of an Amazon, rather than a Kryptonian.

Superhuman Strength: As a New God is naturally greater than that of a human man or woman of their (approximate) build and stature who engages in regular intensive exercise, their exposure to the Generation Matrix enhanced that twenty-fold. Kalibak is highly exceptional among the New Gods and his physical strength is roughly equal to that of Superman.

Superhuman Stamina: New God stamina and endurance is nothing short of amazing. Due to the naturally exhausting and extensive rigors of their life on Apokolips or Stamina training on New Genesis, a New God is able to manage their stamina on a certain amount of rest and sustenance (more than minimal) so that it seems they are able to constantly function, though this is not entirely the case. Tied directly to their strength and invulnerability, even their immunity to a certain extent; They can actually function at peak efficiency for almost a month before needing to eat and rest off the stress.

Superhuman Reflexes: Like all New Gods, they have a highly developed nervous system. Their reaction speed and eye-hand coordination is superior to a normal human's. They can move fast enough dodge a bullet before the gun fires and react with blinding speed.

Superhuman Immunity/Healing Factor: New Gods has an extremely evolved immune system. It explains how some are able to survive on Apokolips for years without dying of a dozen diseases and toxins. He has developed immunity to a number of toxins and diseases. In addition, if Kalibak were to somehow become injured, his superhuman New God metabolism would allow him to heal in no time. It would take an injury of such magnitude that it dispersed a large portion of his body's molecules to truely bring Kalibak to the brink of death, and even then it is possible that he could be resurrected by his father Darkseid.

Master Combatant: a powerful brawler and hand-to-hand combatant-trained from birth in the warrior traditions of Apokolips.
Strength level
Well above the 100 ton level-as the first scion of Darkseid, Kalibak possesses physical strength comparable to that of his father, and has demonstrated this Superman-level strength on numerous occasions.

Radion: New Gods are vulnerable to a substance called Radion. It source is unknown and its effects are toxic only in sustained amounts or after explosive exposure. The average New God can be slain by an application of Radion from a Radion blaster or bomb. More advanced beings such as Mister Miracle, protected by their mother box, armor and sheer toughness, have been known to take two hits and survive. Radion, must be hard to come by, because if it was not, Darkseid would obviously equip more of his troops with it. Perhaps it requires the mysterious Element X to create it.


* Beta Club: a weapon that fires force bolts or nerve beams that causes living beings agonizing pain. It is nearly invulnerable, though Orion once damaged it.


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Ilgemini Report | 04/02/2011 9:07 pm
(( <<;; Matt? ))
Valkyrie Gauge Report | 02/02/2011 12:34 am
Valkyrie Gauge
(( Wrawr ))
iDarkseid Report | 12/04/2010 9:27 pm
Gordon heard his name and began to panic. He decided to hide under his desk, praying no one would find him.
iDarkseid Report | 12/03/2010 3:06 pm
Godfrey was in his recording studio, talking to his small group of followers over the radio. "So if you think about..the only way to stop these terrorists is to stop the vigilantes from operating. These terrorists are terrified of the power house being we have living in the united states. We'll continue this conversation after a word from our sponsors.." He pressed a button and leaned down and sighed.
iDarkseid Report | 11/22/2010 2:19 pm
"Go my son. and bring him undamaged."
iDarkseid Report | 11/21/2010 1:30 pm
[its on the CW on fridays at 8. or you can go to ch131.com and watch the 10th season]
"The man lives in Metropolis...seek him out...and bring him here.."
iDarkseid Report | 11/20/2010 6:12 pm
[well you shoud >.> tenth season is about darkseid and the evil new gods]
There is a human on earth...goes by the name Gordon Godfrey, he is a radio dj who is against the heroes and has much hatred for them in his heart. But does nothing to feed it..I shall take over his body and use his hatred and skill of persuasion to break the spirits of the humans and make them lose their faith in the heroes...bring him to me..."
[there is no one rping as him, so just continue the rp and I'll portray him]
iDarkseid Report | 11/20/2010 12:44 pm
"We must bring our darkness onto earth, have someone bind their bodies, another to crush their spirits, and another to control their minds..."
[smallville, you really should watch season 10 XD]
iDarkseid Report | 11/20/2010 12:12 pm
Darksied panted for a moment before looking to Kalibak. "My son, in my current state I cannot return to take earth by force...we must revert to the old way of doing things...we must prepare earth for my return...we must create my dark trinity on earth."
iDarkseid Report | 11/15/2010 8:24 pm
"What woulod the angle be?! What do those blood sucking loafers have to gain from new genesis beng in the univer-ack!"He held onto his chest, still weak from poisoning.


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