Real Name:
Dinah Laurel Lance-Queen

Current Alias:
Black Canary

Pretty Bird (nickname), Dinah Laurel Lance Queen, Dinah Laurel Lance-Windrow, Hairy-Palm Giver



Justice League of America, formerly the Birds of Prey, formerly the Justice Society of America

Larry Lance (father, deceased), Dinah Drake (mother, deceased); Oliver Queen (husband); Craig Windrow (ex-husband); Sin (adoptive daughter); Connor Hawke (step-son)

Earth-One, New Earth

Base Of Operations:
Formerly Oracle's clock tower in Gotham City; formerly Seattle, Washington; formerly Star City, California; formerly New York City, New York (as a member of the JSA); currently mobile



5' 7"

130 lbs (59 kg)


Black, Wore a blonde wig but has since dyed it blonde

Unusual Features
Dinah appears slightly younger than her actual age, due to immersion in the Lazarus Pit.



Marital Status

Detective/Crime-fighter, Chairperson of the Justice League of America; former florist, judo instructor



Place of Birth
Gotham City

Powers & Abilities:

Canary Cry:] Dinah possesses a metagene that gives her a potent sonic attack, able to damage and stun foes or objects, to the point of shattering metal. She possesses a incredible degree of control over her vocal cords. This enables her to mimic sounds and generate any sound she desires, even developing several abilities. The Canary Cry has been able to reach 300 decibels, which is enough to make a person's ears start bleeding even if they're not the attack target. Dinah is capable of not only creating sonic blasts, but also could generate an ultrasonic attack, which renders everyone within an ear range unconscious; this specific use of the Canary Cry requires the full capacity of Dinah's lungs. When Canary is close enough she can unleash her cry to literally destroy an opponent but this is an absolute last resort. However, the cry has been shown to be completely useless when Dinah's mouth is covered with a gag, piece of tape, or any other means of forcing her mouth closed. During times of extreme stress, Canary has displayed the ability to create sonic vibrations capable of destroying whatever was obstructing her mouth.

Martial Arts Master:
Making her one of the most skilled martial artists on the planet. She has also been trained by Wildcat, who is formerly the Heavyweight Champion of the World, in the art of Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Krav Maga, and Hapkaido. Has also been trained in Dragon Style Kung Fu and pressure point fighting by Richard Dragon. Thanks to Wonder Woman, Dinah has been trained in Amazon martial arts, but is strictly a novice in that kind of fighting style. Other styles she's shown skill in include Savate, Judo, Aikido, Jujutsu, Wing Chun, and Tae Kwon Do

Master Tactician and Strategist:
Dinah is also considered a strong leader and strategic thinker, which has led to her being made Chairwoman of the latest incarnation of the JLA.

Harmonica Player: Though not a useful skill in battle, it is a skill nonetheless that she uses to strengthen her breathing and vocal cords. This is a form of training for her Canary Cry.

Master Acrobat

Master Detective

Expert Motorcyclist
Possibly Flight?:In The New 52 Birds of Prey Series Issue #10 Black Canary flies across a gorge in order to create a bridge. She explains that she has been holding back ever since her husband died.

Strength level:
Black Canary possesses the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise. Dinah can therefore press (lift) at least her own bodyweight.

* An armed Canary Cry Bomb, as seen in Birds of Prey #9
* Body Armor
* Transmitter earring and necklace (allows her to stay in contact with Oracle)


* Dinah is skilled in the use of most weapons
* Canary Cry Bomb
( During the time she was without her actual Canary Cry, Dinah carried round bombs that would emit a similar loud sonic sound. )

Denny O'Neil, d**k Dillin

52 Addition: In this new timeline, Birds of Prey continuity is heavily altered. Dinah's relationship with Green Arrow seems to have been retconned out of existence.
Dinah begins to put together a new Birds of Prey team alongside her partner, the gun-toting vigilante Starling. They are a renegade team of outlaws in Gotham City no longer associated with the Batman Family


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