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The basics?

Well my name is Sammantha Evelyn, Yes it is spelt with two Ms, and I live in Kentucky. So the people who actually know my name tends to call me Sami. I'm twenty-one. I love to do calligraphy and I am great at making pretty lettering. I can't draw to save my life though. Taking pictures is my life. However my newest obsession is sewing.

Poison Kisses

I am a happily married woman. I am completely crazy for the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with. So don't even dare try to be inappropriate with me because I have no reservations about becoming a b***h.

Busy Busy

I love being on Gaia and my facebook but I spend a lot of time off my computer too. Most my time I have my laptop open next to me while I am on tv or playing some Fallout 3[Due to constant pestering of my husband it will probably be some Skyrim too]. I also spending a lot of time researching cosplay stuff since this is my newest obsession in life.

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Just Me