I'm Arielle aka Kitten =]

I'm 18

I'm engaged, and am going to get married after my beau gets back from his air force tech school

I'm covering up my insecurities with a secure surface

I'm enjoying life despite of all of my downfalls

I'm an employee of the best company ever, Wegmans! I'm a summer MI there at the Potomac store.

I'm a sophmore at George Mason University

AND ... I love ducky socks...


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Never wish for the Movie Life

Think, do you remember?

For those of you that wish to hear about my life, cheers.


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Twizted Child Eve

Report | 10/31/2009 3:53 am

Twizted Child Eve

Hey there. Wow. Gaia has changed so much.

Report | 07/21/2009 9:59 pm


Comment to self... I have no idea how to work gaia anymore.

Report | 01/15/2009 3:39 pm


Thank you, it was! And we took Brit too. ^_^

She made it even funner!

Report | 12/20/2008 5:57 am


Congrats on passing all of your classes!

And have a very Merry Christmas! ^_^

*luffs and huggles*

Mama Roy
Darrius Harkonnen

Report | 05/28/2008 4:57 pm

Darrius Harkonnen


I haven't talked to you for awhile.

I miss you alot. I wish I could come down to Dale City and see you.

But whenever I come down i HAVE to go to Rachel's or she gets mad at me.

; 3; I wanna see you!

Love you.
Twizted Child Eve

Report | 03/23/2008 5:34 am

Twizted Child Eve

Happy easter! ^^
Twizted Child Eve

Report | 03/19/2008 4:30 am

Twizted Child Eve

Hey. How are you?

Report | 02/27/2008 2:21 pm


I miss you SO much.

We need to get together and hang out.
Nameless Rapture

Report | 12/27/2007 5:48 pm

Nameless Rapture

hah you wish ::looks around:: IT WAS THE TOMATO!
Twizted Child Eve

Report | 12/27/2007 3:10 pm

Twizted Child Eve

Yeah. It's okay. I might forget too. Happy New Year!


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