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Birthday: 07/22


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My name is Davalia, but I prefer Davii.

I live the Gothic Lifestyle.

My favorite colors and black, red, and purple.

I'm 18 years old.

I have red hair and greenish-gray eyes.

I have natural long nails.

I have my ears and nose pierced.

I love corsets, lace, fishnets, chokers, chains, platform boots, and black lipstick.

Famous Men that I admire: Chris Pohl, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Heath Ledger.

Famous Women that I admire: Amy Lee, Viki Scarlet, Anja Milow, Ulrike Goldmann, Emilie Autumn, and Otep Shamaya.

Pet Peeves: Judgmental people, Liars, People who cheat, People who smoke- weed or cigarettes, attention whores and snobby girls.

Favorite shows: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Face Off, and Law and Order/ SVU.

I love singing, acting, helping others, and doing arts and crafts.

My prized possession: My stuffed dog (Doggie) that I've had since I was three.

Feel free to add me as a friend, talk to me, ask me questions, and watch my Youtube channel or like my facebook page!

Youtube Channel:

Facebook Page:


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mermaid_goth Report | 07/28/2014 8:31 pm
Sorry I missed your bithday. Hope it was a good one.
noonenoone111 Report | 06/02/2013 8:39 pm
Thanks, I appreciate it. I do put a lot of effort into putting together accurate avatars. =]
Moonlight_Vampgirl Report | 03/23/2013 10:10 pm
nice avi...reminds me a little of the dark avi i created that i wish i could afford
Aquamarine Dream Report | 02/13/2013 6:58 pm
Aquamarine Dream
Hi Davii... your avi looks really nice! Haven't seen you around lately.... (I am sullen funky mama, btw...)
cocos angel23 Report | 01/13/2013 1:41 pm
cocos angel23
Ok. biggrin
Thank you so very much. ^_^
When i came back i lost connection to the server which is why i left. :/ Sorry
Aquamarine Dream Report | 01/12/2013 9:32 pm
Aquamarine Dream
Oh wow.... yeah they get REALLY smart mouthed in Village Greens! I think I got the worst feedback there when I asked a simple question... I have never been a leader, I don't even know what they are supposed to do. Well.... I actually had a crown for awhile. Somebody thought it would be really funny to go into the doll place with a bunch of us low levels and then pass the crown and leave us there. THAT was fun!! But we made it through ok. Keep ya chin up - there's all kinds here, and the loud ones are the worst. biggrin
Aquamarine Dream Report | 01/12/2013 8:19 am
Aquamarine Dream
You are fed up with Zomg? How come? Well.... i know there's lots to be not happy with.... i really appreciate you helping me there, tho. Maybe next time I see you we can work on something together. I know, my avi is low, but it's a new one, and a couple years ago when I was on I was a 10. So ... gimme a buz
noonenoone111 Report | 01/12/2013 7:57 am
Lofl its alright. Yeah I was trying to get a crew for DMS as well, I'v never tried it and yeah. Maby we can meet up in there some time and do DMS.
noonenoone111 Report | 01/11/2013 6:30 pm
Just saw you in zomg. You went into DMP. You probably didn't notice me cuz I was on a different account. =/
Platinum-Shiro Report | 12/30/2012 6:49 pm
Wow Davii I haven't talked to you in so long

Well I hardly come on anymore to tell the truth.

I've been good :3 and you?

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