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R.I.P. Melody Ross

Melody Ross,

You were my best friend in track and the person that i talked to the most. You listened to me and made me laugh and knew all my secrets. We would always ditch track together and go to starbucks or frogurtz and then complain about being unhealthy. We would hate on the other girls on the pole vault team because you know we hated those three and those three hated us. Except Ariel, of course, because we love her.

You owe me rides to track meets remember? I drove you to every single one. We were supposed to get better in pole vault together, you, me, and Ariel. We were supposed to be a united group against the other girls. We were supposed to kick their asses and beat them in pole vault remember? You were supposed to be this amazing, wonderful girl. You had so much left for you, senior year, college, and you could've been anything you wanted.

But now, how are we supposed to go on living life without you? How can we do what we do everyday without thinking of you? Melody, don't you know how many people loved you? You didn't deserve this, hun, you never deserved any of this. How can we go on without you?

I can't believe i'll never see you smile again. I can't believe i'll never hear you yell again or talk really fast because everybody knows that you do. I can't believe i'll never see you and your white washed self. I can't believe i'll never hear you mkae jokes, or bag on people, or start laughing in the middle of a story. I can't believe i'll never ditch track with you again or hear you gossip about what happened that day. I can't believe i'll never hear your loud laugh, especially when you're laughing at me because of something stupid i did. Most of all, i can't believe you're gone from my life. And i already miss you.

Melody, all we can hope for is for you to be in heaven right now because that's what you deserve and that's where we all want you to be.

Melody Ross, i love you, Ariel loves you, we love you.

-Kyla Nguyen

Melody Ross, age 16, was shot in front of Wilson Classical High School gym on October 30th. She was leaving from the homecoming game and was about to hang out with her friends and a gun was shot and she was the unfortunate victim.

She died in the hospital.

The next morning, all of her friends gathered where she was shot and placed flowers there. Her best friend had been there since 1 in the morning. There are still people coming now, all to pay their respects and mourn the loss of a beautiful life that has been lost.

Gangs and violence never lead to something good. There will always be bloodshed and war. Unfortunately, this time, an innocent life was lost, one that many people knew and loved.

Rest In Peace Melody, God Knows You Deserve It.

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