About me

Hello there, whoever is reading this!
I go by Anne and Dash, and good friends are allowed call me Dashie.

Genderqueer | INFP | Sylph of Heart | Hufflepuff

Homestuck is and always will be my home fandom. I just really really love it. It's given me friends, courage, comfort, support... if I was never introduced to it I would have never realized some important things about myself, and I would have had nothing to keep me going through some really hard times. I just really can't let go of it, it means a lot to me.

I'm into a lot of other stuff too, which you can find in that ridiculously long box to the right. I have a wide variety of interests.

That avatar standing by mine is my brother's! <> He's pretty darn chill, but doesn't log into Gaia that much. He's got other chill stuff he's got to do.

I'm bad at descriptions so that's about all I have to say about myself and stuff. If you want to be friends, I adore random comments, PMs, and friend requests! Just a warning, I can be a little shy, and I don't log on for very long each day because no one ever talks to me anymore on here.
~Dasher Anne

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