Ello' you. Thanks for visiting my Profile :3
Take your time reading, i think it's worth it.

I'm Das ich and as you can judge by my name I am German.
I joined gaia in March 2oo6 and I am often inactive because I'm only at home on weekends.
I love zOMG and I'm currently on my second Playthrough.
BTW I am taken to a wonderful girl..
I love her and we have been together since we know each other.
Nobody could love her more than I do. Mabadpe heart

Well let's see about some information about myself..
I'm born in 1995, my real life nickname is "Martens".
I'm well-known for my lacking math-skills and that i tend to make random noises or sentences, which can be entertaining, though and I am also interested in Men as well as in Women, so yeah I am Bi-Sexual..
My faourite colour is black, my favourite fruit is watermelon, I love eating sushi and Asian food in general but that might just be because I am half-thai..
I listen to music that gives me chills or that touches my heart (lol sounds gay, huh?) or if i should list in genres it's Anime Music (Like HTT from K-ON or Girls Dead Monster from Angel Beats!..), Jrock, Kpop, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Stoners Music (Cypress Hill and Reggae mostly)..
Assuming from this my favourite Artists/Bands are: LM.C, Sound Horizon, Shikata Akiko, Ayumi Hamasaki, Big Bang, Outsider, brokeNCYDE, Cypress Hill, Mindless Self Indulgence and well.. I think that are currently all.. well that's alot already righty?

Hm.. what else can I say,
I guess, I browse sites other than gaia..
to name it: funnyjunk, facebook, 4chan (mostly /w/, /b/, /h/, /a/), Youtube and some other nameless sites..
I like gaming but in fact.. I only have a Wii (-___-').. well I play Monster Hunter on that. When I am with friends I like playing CoD or Halo
and if I *could* I would be playing Minecraft as well (i love it ._.)..
I used to play FLYFF, Ragnarok and that kind of stuff..
Only sticking to Dofus right now (which actually really sucks but i don't have any other choice..).

Have I mentioned that I also draw? Well i do :3
I love random PMs or COMMENTs but no random friend requests.. please only add me if you talked to me more than 5 sentences .__.

well thanks for reading and goodbye. heart