Not much is needed to be said.
I'm 22 years old. College student working on getting my Degree in Computer Animation.
I draw a lot.
I love anime/manga. I love Disney films.
I'm a big horror film fan!
Favorite show: American Horror Story razz
I am a nice person to talk to about random s**t.
Yes I do a drug its called Techno Music. lol

The Lowingrads:
A small family but none the less a family.
B00, Sam, Numy, and Niabio.
It doesnt matter if I knew some of them for years or a month or a week.
Once you are a Lowingrad you are for life.

Brooke: O where do I begin with Brooke. First off like more of these people I'm not just friends with her online. I friends with her in real life. Yes we may live in different states but for most of high school we would call each other every night for hours and just talk about the most random s**t haha or skype. She's one of the oldest friends I have that has lasted...and I'm glad it has. Through all these years I been with her in her time of need and she has been there for me and I hope it stays that way. I dont care if life happens and we drift apart (which I hope we dont) you will always be my sister. I love ya :B.

Sam: Like Brooke one of the few people let of this group that has stuck around and thank god he has. One of the closest friends I have ever made and if I have a problem or what a opinion from someone who thinks things through hes one of the first people I go to. Yes he may be a bit hard on me xD at times. But I know he cares and for all that Sam Thank you for being in my life. Like brooke If you would ever need help I will drop what I am doing and be there for you.

Numy: God lol YOU SIR ARE A PAIN IN MY a** lol. But thats ok cause Im a pain right back and since you a newbie to this family I hope you stay with us. And grow with this family. You play games with me, sam, and brooke and we just spend time messing around on towns. I havent had this much fun since the old days when we had everyone together back in high school. To that I thank you.

Niabio: Now as the newest member I think you will fit in just fine with us and hope like Numy stick around. And We are always here for you in a time of need to help with life and such. Cause once your family we will do whatever we can to help.

AVI Art I got done :
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