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A song that describes some of my exes perfectly

Toxic Narcotic

Average Joe

Hey, I'm Joe and I'm twenty.. er... old! I go by other alias' as Average Joe, AJ, or even That a*****e! Anyways, I have a plethora of interests including but not limited to Star Wars, writing scripts for horror, comedy, and sometimes sci fi, Pokemon(Yes, I'm in my mid 20's and still play Pokemon), partying(even nerds know how to party xd ), drinking and bartending, music(mainly punk, hardcore, and rockabilly), LBGT activities, and wrestling. As of right now, I'm working on getting my s**t together like getting a consistent job(Kinda have one now), getting a new apartment, and such. cool

My dream Avi(currently working on)
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Total Value: 1,858,923 Gold
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Item List:
Death Whisper (13th gen)
Demonic Pendant
Oculus Mythica
Sentinel's Death Portal
Gold Promise Ring
Rock Hard
Grim Reaper

Ash(Bruce Campbell) from Evil Dead
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Patchwork Boots
Summoning Tome
Super Powers
Used Chainsaw
High Noon R0x0rBilly Shirt
Black Cross Belts
Black Leather Belt
Dessicated Apocaripped Pants

Just ******** around on Tek tek with this one
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Alruna's Rose
The Case of Pietro 7th Gen.
Severed Wax Head (Male)
Red Star Chest Tattoo
Heart Boxers

Beware of my attack Stephen Colbert!
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Until Gaia makes a stingray item, this is my best Steve Irwin impersonation! twisted
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Pogue Mahone

Street Dogs live in Boston!(My hometown)


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Cartwright Report | 04/21/2017 2:27 pm
Dude! How's it going?! cool
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 11/07/2013 9:31 pm
M y - K i t - K a t
Hello there! Been a while. 3nodding
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 03/15/2011 6:40 am
M y - K i t - K a t
It's okay.. sweatdrop What's up? 4laugh
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 03/14/2011 5:19 pm
M y - K i t - K a t
Yup cry
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 03/12/2011 6:41 am
M y - K i t - K a t
Yeah.. crying It was so tiny and cute though. I felt sorry for it.
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 03/11/2011 6:25 am
M y - K i t - K a t
No problem lol. sweatdrop Mine is too. I found a dead mouse and a HUGE spider this morning when I was taking out the trash.. crying
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 03/10/2011 6:25 am
M y - K i t - K a t
Lol cool xp Good luck with you cleaning 3nodding
Veldrin the Shadow Report | 03/09/2011 8:29 pm
Veldrin the Shadow
alrightey then...the MIA will be joining Joey shortly
Veldrin the Shadow Report | 03/09/2011 7:04 pm
Veldrin the Shadow
In the CWL six man tag match, were you going to be using another post for your promo or editing it into your entrance?
M y - K i t - K a t Report | 03/09/2011 6:13 am
M y - K i t - K a t
Cool. biggrin Ah yes.. xp


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Your lack of faith in the force disturbs me!

Some poetry, since every Gaian seems to have some on their profile.

Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater.
Whacked off in the movie theater.
Sprayed his load across the screen
And ruined Titanic's final scene