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Oi, it's nice to meet you all. If you don't know me already, then my name for you is D'artanian, and if you do know me by my name, then it's still D'artanian while we're on here. My interests include, but are not limited to: finding what the heck I'm interested in, anime, music and reading. I'm a pretty big anime fan, I'll watch just about anything if i have the time. I don't really care what genre it is, so anything means anything. If you couldn't tell from my playlist, my music interests are the same as my anime interests......Scattered. sweatdrop my mind is too >.> When it comes to reading, I guess I judge a book by the stuff you find between the covers.......pages, that's the word I was looking for. I find my self reading fantasy, sci-fi and romance novels 9 times out of 10, so i guess that means i like those most.
Well, if ya feel like talking then shoot me a message, I'm bored razz

Pirates RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

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kyuketsuki1mun Report | 12/14/2013 6:13 pm
hi mewy.
LostInsideMyMind Report | 02/02/2011 6:36 pm
Or sell my soul for Gaia Cash, buy first evolution EIs, and sellsellsell. xp
LostInsideMyMind Report | 02/01/2011 5:42 pm
Same here! crying So it's either BEG or pawn off some of my items...
LostInsideMyMind Report | 02/01/2011 5:30 pm
Thanks! heart I was looking for something new. Yours is pretty cool.
LostInsideMyMind Report | 01/26/2011 6:40 pm
XD True.
LostInsideMyMind Report | 01/23/2011 12:11 pm
XD You're so far behind.
LostInsideMyMind Report | 01/22/2011 9:53 pm
Not much over here. I'm half asleep. Chu?
Theo the sprite Report | 01/18/2011 6:15 pm
Theo the sprite
dude... every single thing under your favorite reads is manga except for ONE oscar wilde story
Theo the sprite Report | 01/15/2011 1:22 pm
Theo the sprite
of course good sir. I was uber excited when i heard ascending demon but then it was all angelic... sad im tryin for a pretty damn creepy avi but the wolf thing I will sell besides i was going to try and do ed with the jacket on the wolf thing but it wont let you wear a vest underneath sad
Theo the sprite Report | 01/09/2011 10:35 pm
Theo the sprite
I have decided to be evil in contrast to your good. smile


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