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I am Darpie Report | 04/18/2011 10:47 pm
I am Darpie
This wishlist is still valid!
shocktv3 Report | 11/24/2010 5:46 pm
Evil Darpie Report | 09/19/2010 12:36 pm
Evil Darpie
It's only a matter of time before I win.
Zalantra Report | 09/18/2010 8:04 pm
Hey Darpie, how's the art coming?
EvilTim777 Report | 09/18/2010 12:53 am
You don't remember me Darpie?
I don't see how that is possible, seeing as how close we are.
I am Darpie Report | 09/17/2010 6:50 pm
I am Darpie
Breaking Contrast Report | 09/02/2010 6:16 pm
Breaking Contrast
Breaking Contrast Report | 09/02/2010 6:13 pm
Breaking Contrast
cool avi
jenru Report | 08/23/2010 3:14 pm
the next chapter is done... but if i put them all up now... then i'll be behind again. glad to know someone is reading it though.
thanks for the costume comment. i like yours too. wicked hair!
heinle Report | 08/19/2010 6:56 pm
cool avi

Itsa me ... Dar-pie!~

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