just your average insane teenager. im a total gamer. im a real rocker girl and like most music unless its from disney channel, which i hate. i enjoy reading and luv to hang out with my friends. my favorite colors r teal and purple. im a total otaku and am trying to collect as much manga as i can. Not much else i can think of right now but if you want to know more about me just pm me. My friends call me Whammy, Kuro, Kyo, Demyx, Demi, Dem-dem, Demo, Codex or any other branch off those and i would like it if u did too.

Likes: chocolate, manga, anime, cats, foxes, nice/cool people, random pms, FOOD, video games, guitars, ummm...(will add more later)

Dislikes: disney channel, preps, egotists, liars, spam, reality tv, posers...(will add more here, too.)

Birthday: February 16
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Feeling: Tired
Want: to watch more anime
Hobbies: collecting Manga and anime, reading

Quotes I like:
"Justice is revenge without the fun."

"A peaceful solution easily presents itself when we are all dead."

"If God gave you a hug you would probably explode."

"You'll never be bored if you can create your own problems."

"So there really is an afterlife!
I hope to see none of you there."

"A lie is just the truth masquerading as bullshit."

"The only people who are truly for hypocrisy are those who are against it."

"No amount of cunning can prevent you from being fooled by yourself."

"The most difficult thing you can do is get other people to do things."

"If you put a dog and a robot together
you get one real person."

"I would rather be weird than boring."

"Death is such a serious subject
that I cannot help but laugh."


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hey thank for buying from my store if you want a coupon for eneything that i put in my shop thats to high for youa coupon is 10 each and it is 50% off eneuthing in the store so message me back if you want one

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i love your profile and avi
Soleil -eclipse-

Report | 04/13/2009 2:14 pm

Soleil -eclipse-

me too, and to see which of the eis where going to evolve!
Soleil -eclipse-

Report | 04/12/2009 4:46 pm

Soleil -eclipse-

I love tektek!
Soleil -eclipse-

Report | 04/12/2009 4:35 pm

Soleil -eclipse-

oh thanks! I got from tekteks.
Soleil -eclipse-

Report | 04/12/2009 8:19 am

Soleil -eclipse-

oh thank you! (love random comments) I like you too. a lot

Happy Easter!
U n k n o w n C h u rr o

Report | 03/13/2009 4:48 am

U n k n o w n C h u rr o

Thanx for the buy!

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Happy birthday!!!

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nah.... its okay. i dont want to impose upon anyone.....

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^_< i dont know... i hav e a few ideas but nothing solid. i need a few items though.... which im slowly working on gettinging


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