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Birthday: 08/09

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I am easily entertained, easy to make happy, and difficult to read. =]8 i get a lot done when i need too and when im up to it. other then those times im just pretty layed back. i like drawing but im not great or anything for sure. its mostly a hobby. i like tools and weapons but hate real fighting. i spar but for health reasons and for my own safety. physically im an athletic 6' tall thin tank. =]8 i mostly look like all my little characters i base on me. the rest are nothing close. Hero is a title ive been called in my past and i stick now with this title. i hold to this title by showing it off. Every hero needs a pear of Goggle. i hold strong to this and wear goggles around my neck as a fashion. keeps things interesting. talk to me. =]8 most people do due to the goggles and then learn more about me like that. =D ive been called an overly nice guy but i dont believe this sometimes personally. i can be mean sometimes. lol test me! maybe we can be friends! ^_^

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ice woaman Report | 08/17/2010 6:31 am
ice woaman
cool avi!
Viorie Report | 08/09/2010 1:06 am
Wow! It's your b-day!! burning_eyes
Mega koolgirl Report | 08/08/2010 6:45 pm
Mega koolgirl
Hey buddy long time no see. Hey guess what??

IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!! i hope that you have a awesome day and tell me all about it. kk? I love your avi!!!!!
Beki Monstra Report | 04/27/2010 2:23 am
Beki Monstra
hey its me REMEMBER ??
Mega koolgirl Report | 11/23/2009 12:33 pm
Mega koolgirl
it sounds lik u neva get bored then. ^_^
Mega koolgirl Report | 11/22/2009 12:44 pm
Mega koolgirl
oh. so watz Cali like right now?
Mega koolgirl Report | 11/20/2009 1:01 am
Mega koolgirl
y? wat grade r joo in???? were do joo live????
Mega koolgirl Report | 11/15/2009 12:41 pm
Mega koolgirl
the 7th grade is pastin so quickly even though i dont want it 2. wer gettin closer and closer 2 December 18 which is when im movin to 29palms, Claifornia & leavin all my friends in Okinawa, Japan. sad
Mega koolgirl Report | 11/13/2009 8:21 pm
Mega koolgirl
good. im in a relationship with a guy i meet on gaia. his name is The Bloody Fable look him up if u want. so howz skool goin 4 u???
Mega koolgirl Report | 11/05/2009 1:12 am
Mega koolgirl
Awesome pics. idk tht u wer like 18. so did u say tht u wer single? cuz u told some guy or girl with the wolverine as the pic bout somthin bout ur gf?