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House of Chaos


I'm making this just cos.


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KenjiTheGuardian Of Life

Report | 05/27/2010 9:46 pm

KenjiTheGuardian Of Life

Welcome. mrgreen
Tsubasa Kurou

Report | 05/02/2010 1:29 am

Tsubasa Kurou

Dang, you's a smexy chick. >D

Report | 04/29/2010 3:34 pm


hey you havent been on in awhile hey i made a poem and you get to be my second person to hear and i was the first to hear it because i wrote it smile

Do you remember that day
We first met.
It was plain and simple
Our little conversation.
But then you left
Just walked out the door.

One day you came back
I said hello.
You looked at me and smiled
I still remember that smile.
We became closer friends.

After awhile we’d just sit there
I was shy.
There was nothing but silence
My heart was racing.

Yvaine Stardust

Report | 02/25/2010 7:44 am

Yvaine Stardust

Nice cos-play. ^.^
heaven Tenten

Report | 02/04/2010 6:01 pm

heaven Tenten

Hello. I am going around saying goodbyes to all of my friends on gaia. I decided to quit and I didnt want to leave with out a fair well. Good bye. I hope to see you in the future if possible.
e pluribus unum ipsofacto

Report | 01/15/2010 9:26 am

e pluribus unum ipsofacto

you are welcome, oh person with a cute avi... smile
II Yuki no Tenshi II

Report | 10/28/2009 5:04 pm

II Yuki no Tenshi II

X3 me neither
II Yuki no Tenshi II

Report | 10/28/2009 12:40 am

II Yuki no Tenshi II

what perchase? i buy alot of things X3

Report | 10/14/2009 11:58 pm


thats ok
Spiny Crazy

Report | 10/08/2009 8:55 am

Spiny Crazy

Haha that is definitely the first time I have ever heard that so thank you very much for that


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